Down in the dumps

Some days you wish you had stayed in bed this is such a day, have a feeling of heaviness over my eyes really feeling sorry for myself no idea why, the wife had to go and have a final check on her foot which she broke 2 years ago, the specialist told her it is probably as good as it ever will be.

When you are 20 or 30 or even 40 these things heal and do not cause you much gripe but at 63 it is a totally differnet thing bones take longer to heal and if you are diabetic they seem to take forever, it was a long train journey to see the specialist,car train taxi the same coming back and when we got home some 5 houes later we were both cream crackered.

We had our tea then retired to bed at 6pm it is much warmer upstairs so we would rather sit in bed warm as toast than sit downstairs trying to avoid the draughts, not that both of us would rather be somewhere warm with clear blue water lapping at our feet but that is never going to happen in our lifetime.

I finally went to sleep about 10pm had to get up 3 times during the night for a wee so this breaks up your sleep patern a lot I got up at 6am it was very cold and icy outside good frost during the night it was then I realised how down in he dumps I felt no reason just a feeling which I have been trying to shift all day long.


sat at the kitchen table sorting out 3 weeks of medication 13 pills a day 273 pills into morning and evening dosages from asprin to beta blockers it struck me I am a walking chemist no wonder I rattle as I move about with all these pills in my tummy this is not counting 2 lots of insulin and a dosage of victoza every day.

Listening to 60s hits I think the music is making me feel even lower than I do, turned the musci off if you can call it that mockingbird hill that sort of thing, as a 60s child myself usually enjoy music from that era but really down at hte moment.

Perhaps I need dinned like the cat she is cleaning herself right now not a care in the world wish I could change places with her, no more bills worries out chasing mice what a life hope next time I blog this feeling has well and truly gone.

I felt “Blue” all day yesterday. A few other people I spoke with felt that way too…one mentioned that it must be in the air.

Well, i do hope you feel better, And yes, I have always said in my next life I want to be a pampered non-diabetic cat. :slight_smile:

Hey Raymond:

Sorry to hear tht you are feeling a bit down Many People tend to get Seasonal Affective Disorder(S.A.D.). It’s due to not getting enough sunshine or vitamin D in the wintertime. Some People get sunlamps or foods rich in vitamin D to help remedy this down feeling.

I was feeling that way recently like I feel for a while every winter. But this afternoon, I was out on the deck. The sun was shining so bright. I got a chill of excitement down my neck and back cuz I know spring and summer will be here soon. Cheered me right up. Hope that you feel Better soon Raymond. :slight_smile:

LOL Robyn, a non-D cat eh? :smiley:

Hi Raymond - Sorry to hear you are down in the dumps. I definitely get that way now and then. I am not a diabetic but my nine year old daughter is. She does well, but also has moments of sadness. I think we all do for one reason or another. Money, health, marriage, busy schedules, missing lost relatives. I know sometimes I dwell, and that only makes it worse. It’s hard but you have to pull yourself up and focus on something. I think it’s great that you wrote it on this blog. Some may think it’s dwelling, but it’s also venting and getting support when you need it. I hope you are feeling better tomorrow. You’re lucky to have your wife to share your time with.

I’m with them…hope you feel better soon. It washes over all of us from time to time, but don’t let the Beetus get the satisfaction of getting the best of you. You deserve the best of you! :wink:

Raymond- I know it won’t help a lot, but my friends are feeling down I tell them the same tired old joke I tell over and over again. Really, it’s the only clean one I know. So I will share it with you and hope it brings at least a tiny smile to your lips, if only for a moment. Here goes…

A man and a giraffe walk into a bar, sit down and proceed to get completely drunk.
The giraffe passes out and falls on the floor, dead to the world.
The man gets up, throws some cash on the bar and starts to walk out.
The bartender says "Oi! You can’t leave THAT lyin’ there!"
And the man says “It’s not a lion, it’s a giraffe”.

To get the full effect of that joke you have to imagine having heard it about 25 times in a 3 month period. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that joke and tell it at every opportunity.

Thanks for the taking the time to comment your joke bought a smile o m face thanks