Dr. Phil has Type 2 Diabetes

Thoughts? Comments?

I am completely disappointed! Dr. Phil (quack or not) could opt to help really diabetics by encouraging dietary, exercise and other lifestyle changes. Instead, he is PAID spokesperson for AzstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical company that offers a “second line” diabetic drug. Not so bad? This drug has a black box warning as required by the FDA. Really? Risk thyroid cancer but MAYBE improve your blood sugar a bit (less than a 2% drop on an HA1C result?)!

What was your motive for posting this?


I thought it was newsworthy information I might share with the group.

I really don’t know what to think about him being paid to be a spokesperson for Astra Zeneca. What I will say is that it does raise awareness about the importance of managing one’s diabetes. Too, some people living with T2DM many need the adjunct of pharmaceuticals in order manage their BG levels.

I was unaware that Dr. Phil is a PWD. Does it he owe it to his television viewers to share his diagnosis of T2DM? Would people say he did it for the ratings. I don’t know.

What I do know is that he is a mental health professional and mental health professionals are on the diabetes self-management education team. I also know that their academic training lies heavily in the biopsychosocial model which works well with managing a host of chronic conditions.

I do hope that he uses his platform responsibly.

Thank you for your response.

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He is primarily a celebrity and products endorsed by celebrities historically sell more product (in this case, a drug). As a mental health professional, I think it is unethical for him to endorse a drug. Many diabetics need assistance in the form of pharmaceutical. A recommendation should be made by the patient’s physician (MD) and not by a celebrity who is personally profiting (blatantly). I think patients may see “Dr. Phil” as a medical doctor and will be mis-led. You can bet the marketing department of AztraZeneca is counting on it!

That is just my opinion.

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@Cyclinglady I do agree with you that many uninformed people will see him as a medical doctor and will be misled. I do hope he is responsible with his platform.



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I doubt he will use his platform well. He’s is a media personality interesting in making money not helping others.
And your interest is ?

That was a real question, I am not sure why you are on this site.?

@Fraser70 Quite honestly, I don’t know how to respond to your question as I truly don’t understand the intent. However, I hope the following link is sufficient to justify my presence and satisfy your query.

Have a good day.


I am sure you a competent professional. Just a couple of questions
Since you brought in Dr Phil the ultimate marketeer, are you planning to follow in his path? Basically are you selling something.
As a diabetes educator do you adhere to The ADA dietary standards?
As a Licensed/certified Healh care educator, any advice you give is medical advise. If this limits your input, maybe another venue would work for you.
I looked but could not find your blog on this site.

Which is probably why she hasn’t been giving specific individual advice. I’ve found her expertise and perspective quite helpful, and she’s certainly never tried to sell me anything


@Fraser70, it seems that you are under the impression this site is only for those who have diabetes. It isn’t. It’s for those whose lives are touched by diabetes and as a professional working with PWDs @jojeegirl certainly qualifies. I think it’s great that a professional who interacts with PWDs on a regular basis is here trying to get even more insight.


Hello Everyone,

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I learn from you all. As such, I’d like to apologize to anyone I’ve offended by posting the article about Dr. Phil’s diagnosis and his association with Astra Zeneca.

I genuinely apologize.



@Shadow2 I am heartened by your response. Thank you.

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@Sam19 Thank you. I enjoy being part of this forum.

Be well.


I never indicated she could not be part of the forum
And I’m am allowed to ask questions , which she chose not to answer
I am particularly interested on her insite on the ADA guidelines.
Especially as many here do not agree with them.

I t also discussed frequently here many have negative experiences with diabetes educators. Fortunately I have had only positive experiences myself.

Re Dr Phil:

I saw him about a week ago on Fox News. I had just put it on and he was engaged in conversation about Tyoe 2 D. However, when the commentator asked if he, himself, was on insulin, he refused to answer. He quickly sputtered a reply, stating that over the years he had been on MANY medicines.

What was that about? Answer the question with a yes or a no.

Anyway, NOT a fan!


Good Grief—I have been away for a bit, distracted by a terminally ill family member’s needs, but this idiotic assault on @jojeegirl is well, just that, idiotic and a waste of energy!

Dr Phil, like Dr Oz, who isn’t diabetic, but often seems like he would like to make everybody diabetic, and that Paula person are very visible “health gurus”----if they are dispensing stupid info to about a gazillion people, well, then—yes let’s pay attention, and let’s consider what we might do as members of the DOC----a very large community—to unite and counteract their misinformation…I swear—that horrible orange person is making everybody argumentative when we don’t need to be…

Blessings, JoJee…I haven’t followed him, but I do know who he is and now I will try to follow what idiotic stuff he says to further his own self and see if there are ways to counter act it…Respectfully, Judith in Portland…


Well, we all know exactly what that was about, don’t we…

I don’t think there is anything you need to apologize for, Dr. Phil’s announcement is a legitimate discussion topic in the DOC.

There is some good stuff with his “on it movement” campaign (http://www.onitmovement.com/) to encourage attitude changes, exercise, lifestyle, education, make a plan, stick with it, etc. The message is somewhat sullied with all the embedded bydureon advertising, and why wait 25 years which makes it look like his primary motivation is to make money with AstraZeneca? To me it is kind of disappointing that he could have been a better spokesperson for diabetes but if this helps some people manage their T2D then that seems to be a good thing.

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We need to always show respect for one another, especially when we disagree.