Back in January I started Herbalife. After the 3 rd I began to experience some horrible pains in my chest on the left side along with pains in the left part of my throat. I finally went to my Doctor and she said herbalife has some ingredients that could cause gas and constipation. She suggested that the pain could be palpitations or gas pressing against my diaphragm which would give those symptoms. Being that I am gassy she told me to using the Cell-u-lose pills and see if the pain goes away. Has anybody experienced this too or know of any other Herbalife alerts for a diabetic…

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I hold Herbalife and other such products at the same level of esteem as snake oil. If the placebo effect continues to work long enough for you to experience lasting benefits, then I applaud you.

All sarcasm aside, I am sorry you had this experience, Christalyn.


Thanks!!! I felt I had nothing to lose by trying it. I have been working with a trainer. As with most trainers he doesn’t see any fault in the product and thinks everyody can use it. It is the Cell-u-lose pill that really got the attention of my doctor. I am glad that my heart is doing fine. I am just wondering has this dietary plan worked for other diabetics too…

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Hi Christalyn,

Did you know that it is out of the scope of practice of trainers to recommend supplements? I have a masters degree in clinical exercise physiology and am a American College of Sports Medicine Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist. Our strength is that we work with populations diagnosed with clinical conditions.

From a professional perspective, what your trainer did is truly “no bueno.”


Thanks for the information. That is one of my biggest gripes about the exercise and supplement industry is that you have people that are certified gym rats that have very little practical knowledge of diabetes giving out advice and telling people what to eat and drink. I went to this guy because he was a herbal life certified trainer. I had been trying to do weight loss for a while with little success and decided to give it a try. when I told this guy I was diabetic it really didn’t phase him much that he would have to do things perhaps a little differently with me. this is the same response that i have gotten from other personal trainers.

I find it funny when I started to have the chest pains his response was run to the doctor and keep me posted. When I told him what my doctor said and that my pain could possibly be related to the herbalife products his response was “the doctor really don’t much about our products and it sounds like your body is not processing it properly. lets switch to another product.”

Where are you located? I would really like to chat with you outside of this forum.

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I agree I wouldn’t take this product. As they say there is no magic pill.Nancy

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@Christalyn, I am certified personal trainer and have a degree in health science and strength and conditioning. I’m also a T1 diabetic, btw. I once got tricked into showing up for an interview to be an Herbalife trainer (it was a sketchy craigslist ad - I should’ve known better), and when they interviewed me and found out I was certified, they said “Oh! Well that would be a bonus, because none of our trainers right now are actually certified!” I mention this just to give you an idea of what kind of expertise these Herbalife “trainers” have. It’s just a sales pitch for supplements.

And you’re right, trainers are not supposed to give nutrition advice, it is out of our scope of practice. But many trainers get sales commission for selling supplements. Don’t give in to it!

So not only are Herbalife trainers not necessarily qualified in exercise science, they’re also not qualified in nutrition. Womp womp wommmpppp :disappointed:


try a broad band probiotic for a couple of months, FODMAP and LCHF could also help with bloat too

Hey KBJ86!

Great to know one of my colleagues is a member of TuDiabetes!

Best to you as you successfully manage your condition!


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