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So here it is, my first blog post.

I am bummed, I just got back from the Endo. Normally not too scary. I like her, she rocks as a Doc – I have complete faith in her.

She is trying to make “feel” better. Not just OK. So, I have been taking Amaryl (oral) and Lantus (1 shot at night) and now she has added Bayetta (1 shot before breakkie and dinner) sigh I am working hard at this, and my a1C was 6.7 but she wants it at 6.

I am trying not to feel like I am failing at this whole thing. I KNOW (in my mind)that it isn’t a matter of “IF” I was gonna have to do the shots – just “when” I would have to do it.

But now, after one day of 3 shots, I don’t want to do this anymore. LOL

So, I hate to admit that I “DO” feel better today. Adding those two shots might be making a difference…but UGHHHHHHH