Dream Feilds Pasta

Dream Feilds claims to have 5 grams digestible carbs in a 3/4 C dry serving. Has anybody had any experance with it>

works very good for me, and my family doesn’t notice the difference.

Type 1 in our family so we charge the full amount of the pasta, minus the fiber. So if Dreamfields says 35 grams a cup with 2 grams fiber, we charge 33. I have to test Dreamfields again. The two times we tried it she was high for hours. I have read just the opposite, though. You will have to check for yourself, YMMV.

Dream Fields works for me. Just had some tonight and I’m on a 1:10 ratio. I haven’t tested it exactly…but tonight I’m sure I had a little more than I should have, along with a glass of wine (shhhhh) and covered almost perfectly with 4 units. My BG was 90 premeal and 118 2 1/2hr post. Dream Fields claim is it has a special fiber called inulin which is supposed to lower the Glycemic index. Be aware though that it also contains sorbitol; some people are sensitive to the effects of sorbitol.

I use it once in a while as I find it causes bloating. Otherwise is just as advertised, it has almost no effect on my BG.

My experience with it was a disappointing one… for me it’s just not worth it to try and make traditionally high-carb things low-carb.

I see a peak from Dreamfields quite a few hours after eating it, and I’ll see a high fasting number the next morning too.

If someone has a slow but working second phase insulin release, as many type 2s do, that slow release after the meal will mop up the glucose from the Dreamfields.

But it requires a bunch of insulin because those carbs ARE hitting the blood stream, just very slowly.

It also causes gas because the undigested carb that gets into the gut gets digested by bacteria which results in fermentation. But that digestion also allows the gut to absorb the glucose into the bloodstream.

And if you put it in the fridge after cooking it, it will lose all it’s “magic” powers and turn into ordinary pasta.

Personally I can think of a lot of better ways to blow off 50 grams of carb than eating spaghetti.

lol, I was just thinking about asking the same question. I am apart of a diabetic group on yahoo. There is a guy in the group who swears by it. I am thinking about buying it and see how it goes.

I think it’s definitely worth trying for $2.49. If it doesn’t work, don’t use it.

I find it’s the same the next day when I take leftovers for lunch.