Dreamfields pasta

I saw an add in a magazine about dreamfield pasta. It says that they are only 5 grams of digestible carbs which got me excited about having a big bowl of spaghetti. Normally 1 cup is about 45g of carbs. Has anyone ever tried this? What effect does it have on your blood sugar?

I eat regular pasta as a type 1 and just dose for it accordingly. I know not everyone can do this though. Dreamfield’s pasta tastes pretty decent to me. Either way, whatever I dose for doesn’t really affect my blood sugar as much as it affects others.

When I eat pasta I prefer to use Dreamfields as it is better for my blood sugar. Some people find it causes spikes, just delayed ones, but I can eat it…and it tastes like regular pasta. Of course I don’t pig out on it either, just a small-to-middling serving.

Everything in Moderation! I haven’t seen this product in my area stores…is it available on the internet?

yes it is available online … Here :slight_smile:

Hi Wayne,

I tried it once and had a hard time with it (but I’m actually planning to try again tomorrow).

You need to give insulin for MORE than 5g of carb, which suggests that mroe than 5 is actually digestible, but because of the fiber it IS lower carb than most pasta. Some members posted about how they bolus for it in these discussions:
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Also, there is a $1 off coupon for TuDiabetes members, which is available here.

thanks guys. i’ve really gotten away from eating alot of pasta. I think this could be a good alternative, but you’re right…everything in moderation.

I have tried Dreamfields with DN (Type 1). I did not give insulin for “5 grams of digestible carbs”, but counted the full carbs (was it 37 grams per cup?) minus the fiber. She will get one and a half cups of pasta, if she has it. In her case, her blood sugars reacted much as they do for regular pasta (lows, then highs), except her blood sugar was in the 200 range all night. Seems it took a very, very long time to digest. I now give her Quinoa pasta in lieu of regular. It digests very quickly and I usually have to give her less insulin. It does not have a negative effect on her blood sugar; in fact, at the two hour mark, I will still have to give free carbs and I am giving her ten grams free from the spagetti sauce with Quinoa pasta. Has more protein, as well. For some reason pasta is a problem for her, but lasagna, even from our Pizzeria does not effect her BS negatively at all. Go figure! Dreamfields does work for some people, it’s individual, so I would give it a try anyway and see how it goes.

I’m so glad I saw this discussion. I logged on and was going to post this very question about Dreamfield pasta, I’m so glad I saw your post and the responses! I’m craving a good pasta salad and I was wondering if many diabetics eat this pasta and what it does to their numbers. Thanks everyone for your input!

Dreamfields pasta is great–I test 2 hrs post and I am in the 120s—Great that I can eat pasta again!!!

Yes I bought a case of lasagna noodles—no one knows the difference!!

I’m Type 1 & had a bad reaction to Dreamfield. Good at 2 hours & spikes 4-5 hours later. Tried this twice to be sure & the result was the same. Was so slow to digest that it played havoc.