Dreamfields Diabetic Pasta?

Has anyone tried this pasta ?
If so, how did it affect your BGs?


I tried it when it first came out. I get great 2 hour bgs with it around 102, but my 3 hour was 148 and 4 hour was 180. So no more Dreamfields for me.

Same for me! I read some things about it and you have to cook it just right or if its overcooked will release all the carbs! And 5 carbs versus 41 is a lot to play around with when youre taking insulin. I had the same thing happen, great 2 hour reading but then it just kept escalating up, and at 5 hr post meal i was close to 300! No more Dreamfields for me either :frowning:

No luck here either. Our nutritionist says that T1 diabetics should count the “real” carbs and never the “net” carbs.

Thanks so much for all your feedback. I was really concerned that spikes would occur. I don’t think I will be buying this!

In a letter to Diabetes Care a group of researchers wrote that they had thought that Dreamfields might be a good inclusion in their ’ Low Biologically Available Glucose (LoBAG) diets.’ They therefore contacted the company to ask for details of the data upon which the company based their claims for having a 65% lower GI. They got no response so decided to do their own tests


When the first five subjects were studied using the same cooking method for both products, the Dreamfields pasta did not result in a smaller glucose rise.To our surprise the mean postmeal glucose curves were essentially identical. Therefore,we studied five different subjects. The result was the same; that is, the curves were essentially identical (Fig. 1). In 10 people without diabetes, the Dreamfields pasta product we purchased did not result in an improved glucose excursion when compared with a commercially available traditional pasta product as would have been expected based upon the company’s claim.


As they say another batch of pasta or testing against a different control might have had a different result but those tests showed no advantage whatsoever in using it compared with a normal pasta.

I’ve tried it and, while I didn’t have any major spikes, there was still more of a spike than I would have preferred. I actually just tried Shirataki noodles as a pasta alternative, and found them to be pretty good (at least when they’re covered in sauce).

It’s a little better than regular pasta but can still spike if I eat too much. so my answer is eh it’s ok but not a miracle pasta

For me, it behaves the same as the “real” pasta, so I just eat the “real pasta.” I had to cover it the same as well.

I now buy the Shiratake as well. I think they are 3 carb and 3 fiber. It is an aquired taste and you need a spicy sauce to cover it. It is great though in Thai noodle bowls. I buy them by the case at www.asianfoodgrocer.com

I have tried it. It still causes a spike but no where close to the spike I would get from other pasta or rice. It’s a good option if you are really craving pasta and then you just eat a small serving of it.

We were told to cover Dreamfields like regular pasta, just subtract fiber if over 5 grams of fiber. The two times we tried it she was high all night (seemed to be very slow digesting) and I bolused for 35 or so grams, not the claimed 5 grams net. We now use Quinoa Pasta with great results. We usually give her 6 ounces of the Quinoa pasta (which is 80 grams approx.) but bolus for 60 grams and we don’t charge for the 11 grams of sauce either. Sometimes she is in range after two hours but most times, even with the free carbs this pasta causes her to be in range with insulin on board at the two hour mark, so more Ex-carbs given in the way of fruit. If home, this is a good dinner blood sugar wise. We only have experience with the quinoa pasta in the turquoise box, made by Quinoa corp. We order in bulk from quinoacorp.net. We have tried every other pasta known to man with poor results (low, then high for hours).

Spikes me just as fast and hard as “regular” pasta…and then keeps me there! I’ve tried varying extended boluses and it just seems as if nothing will touch it…at about 6 hours, it starts coming back down nicely, but wow…not worth the headache for me - I know how to bolus for regular pasta…I know what to expect with it…I’ll just stick with that.

Didn’t change mine much, BUT be very careful! Many of us got very constipated using this product, even when we made it al dente.