Dreamfield's Pasta

Google this: Dreamfield’s Pasta. When you go onto their site, you’ll be overwhelmed at their claim about the " undigestable" carbs in their pastas. They are claiming that only a few carbs are actually absorbed. Go ahead, look over the site’s info and let me know what you think. By the way, this company has very limited distribution, and if you order it direct, it’s by the case. Yes, for a product you’ve never tried.

Mel Wright

Hi Mel,

I haven’t tried Dreamfield’s, but know people who have. It sent their BG up quite a bit, despite the low carb claim.

I have used Miracle Noodle miraclenoodle.com & these had no effect on my BG at all. Pure indigestible protein. No way can they pass for Italian pasta. They’re Asian style noodles, kind of like cellophane noodles, but thicker. They’re good for stir frying, with peanut sauce, or any Asian food meal. Miracle Noodles don’t need cooking–just rinse well & use. They’re expensive. I ordered a case because it was cheaper, but I think they’re available by the package, too.

I’ve tried the dreamfield pasta. I took insulin according to the amount of “digestible carbs” it claimed to have per serving.

Sugars ended up going way high that night and I chucked the remainder of the dry pasta food in the basura.

I’ve heard different things from different folks regarding dreamfield pasta effect on blood sugar. Really isn’t for me, I’m not a big pasta fan either way.

But I can get it pretty easily at any VONS here in socal. If you want me to send you some so that you can try it I’d be more than happy to.

I charge only $50 for shipping and handling. I’m kidding :slight_smile: just let me know.

I use Dreamfield’s pasta all the time and love it. Tastes like the real thing to me and does not mess up my blood sugars. I take insulin according to the number of digestible carbs they suggest and do fine with it. But, I also know others who have tried it and their BG’s go up. I guess you won’t know until you try it. There are only a couple stores in my area that sell it and one of those is Safeway.

Oops, meant to say that Miracle Noodles are pure indigestible fiber, not protein.

I have tried dreamfields pasta and it didn’t cause my bg’s to spike. I actually loved the taste. Even though we are living with diabetes our bodies are different. Dreamfield’s pasta may or may not cause a spike; just depends on your body.