DreamsField Pasta

Does anyone use DreamsField Pasta and if so how do you measure the carbs? Do you still use total carbs or do you subtrack?


I gave up on Dreamfields after I while. Like John, I found that it raised my blood sugar about six hours after eating, but it was too hard to predict exactly when I spike. A few times the square wave bolus worked for me, but after having spikes during the night after eating it for dinner, I decided it was just too unpredictable for me.

I can eat one serving (140g) of cooked whole wheat pasta, which has 40g of carbs with no spike in my blood sugar and just a regular bolus. So I prefer whole wheat pasta.

I think for people with diabetes who are not insulin dependent, it may be a great solution.

I just noticed that you are on shots, not a pump. I think that you would need to bolus at least twice for the Dreamfields pasta. Once when you eat and once 4-6 hours later. Most people say that they have to bolus the total amount because the carbs are not “hidden” as they claim, but just delayed.

I bolus for about halfway between the total and the advertised ‘available carb’ figure and this seems to work for me. Oh, and also keeping to their ridiculously small portion size.

Thanks everyone for the replies…its always too good to be true. We will just stick to our regular pasta.

Hey Russ - I don’t actually agree that it sounds too good to be true. It still spikes me less than regular pasta (subject of course to the all important maxim of YMMV). It’s not break-the-bank priced so you don’t lose anything by trying it out once and verifying the results with your meter. Another good thing about it is that it tastes (to me at least!) exactly the same as normal pasta. And there are not a lot of low-carb/lower-carb products that are really an exact equivalent, taste-wise, to their high-carb equivalents!

PS To make the pasta go even further, I often throw in thin strips of cooked zucchini. Makes the serving look bigger, ups the fibre content, goes great with virtually any pasta sauce, naturally low-carb - what’s not to like?

Dreamfields pasta is specially processed to protect some of the carbs making them “resistant” to digestion. But not everyone digests the same and you should go by your meter. In particular, if you suffer from gastroparesis I suspect that the longer time in your stomach can totally defeat the protection. Further, it is important to prepare the pasta according to directions, prepare it “al dente,” don’t let it sit a long time hot and don’t reheat it.