I was looking forward to trying Dreamfield’s pasta. I couldn’t believe when the package said that 31 carbs were “protected” whatever that means, and you only got 5 net carbs for 1/2 cup. I made a cup…finally had a nice full bowl of pasta for the first time in a long time! Simple dish with butter, asparagus, black olives and some shaved nutty gouda. I didn’t trust that the meal was only 19 carbs and did two units instead of the 1 I would normally do for 19 carbs. Came out perfectly at 126! So I’m guessing instead of only 10 carbs it was more like 30 for the pasta, but that’s okay! Regular pasta is 40 carbs for half the amount! Yay, Dreamfields! How does it work for the rest of you, do you really only bolus for the 5 carbs they list?

Dreamfield’s Pasta as discussed several times here on the boards.

Many people experience highs 4-6 hours later. Because the “protected carbs” delay digestion. So try checking after 4-6 hours. You may need to give multiple injections for eating Dreamfields. I haven’t figured out what works for me yet.

I was ok at bedtime, 121, so it worked for me as long as I bolused for 30 carbs as opposed to the 10 carbs the box says, but still I’m in the Dreamfield’s fan club now!

Same here, Kristin. I tried bolusing for the net carbs the first time I tried it and ended up really high afterward. Still playing with the dose/timing/quantity for Dreamfields, but I assume it’s still a healthier option than traditional pasta.

My results with dreamfields pasta have been pretty good, my morning numbers are a lot better with dreamfield then with regular pasta and my portions are a little bit larger of the dreamfield pasta and the numbers are still good. I love pasta, so for me Dreamfield Pasta works. Taste good too

Unfortunately, I had a second experience where I was fine after 2 hours (125) but happened to be up quite late that night so tested before I went to bed at 6 hours…205! I’ve heard a number of people having this response. I am able to eat 1/2 cup of regular pasta and with Dreamfield’s can go up to a cup (or thought I could!) I’m going to give it one more try and if I spoke again I’ll just go back to 1/2 of regular. Sigh.