Dreaming like a diabetic

Last night I dreamed I was at an Italian deli/lunch counter. I passed up the double-decker focaccia sandwiches, wistfully because they looked wonderful but I knew they were too-carby.. I was going to order a chicken tomato dish (which seemed diabetic-safe). And then I spied sauteed beet greens . . . and that made me very happy in my dream.

The first year after dx I dreamed alot about eating: especially indulging (cookies, cake, toast). Some times I would awake afraid: had I really eaten that? Those dreams made me anxious & bitter about living with diabetes, but they have definitely tapered off.

Last night's dream was funny because I was so consciously approaching the deli as a compliant diabetic, trying to make the best choices. I chuckle that I have reached the point that I perceive the greens as a special treat!

In my waking life I have had similar experiences, like when I asked the waitress at Denny's to omit the potatoes from my omelet order and she suggested some braised spinach instead. Her suggestion was great, but it made me laugh. Five years ago you couldn't have FORCED me to eat spinach. Like you, I now see it as a treat. Oh, and I got a side of bacon to go with it. Yum.

At Denny's!!??

Nope. I stopped eating sugar 18 years ago and still periodically get dreams where I am eating some sugar when I realize "I don't do this". I became a vegetarian 10 years ago and still occasionally dream that I suddenly realize I'm eating meat. But no carb dreams! I guess my dream world, like my real life friends, only have room for two dietary restrictions! (My nephew recently told me about a restaurant the family was going to: "They have really good vegetarian pizza for you, Zoe").

That's funny Zoe. I imagined that my diabetic-themed dreams might be more common, but this thread has not drawn much attention.
Rather it seems that many PWDs experiences dreams/sleep interruptions that signal hypo incidents. Which sounds really scary (& makes my bread dreams seem silly indeed).

my diabetic dreams are always where im being forced to eat carbs and trying to explain that i cant, or of me having a hypo and i cant get to the glucose tabs that are in the next room.

one very good dream i had early on was of a fire truck coming to pick me up instead of a taxi and i was just doing my hair, not worrying about getting all the D stuff together. in the dream, i thought to myself, ooh, i must not be diabetic anymore, cuz im just worried about doing my hair! aaand then i woke up.

obviously you were getting ready for the firemen... hehe

I have very long, vivid, detailed and confusing dreams and too many to recall all of them. Sometimes I'm being food conscious others not. Some times I'm stressing too much in my dreams,like dreaming that I'm having a salad but that forgetting to count those crutons gives me a really high high that i cannot bring down. Others I'm binging on cake and candy "hoping" to give myself a high that will end me up in the hospital to "teach" people around me that I am a diabetic but nothing happens...
Yeah, maybe I should stop having caffeine before bed lol

sometimes dreams should come true!! jajaja!

Glad to hear I'm not alone with my night-time preoccupations!

I felt like I had more to say about my dream: see my blog on
From Carbs to Greens: The Dreams of a Type 2 Diabetic