Drugs drugs drugs

Do you ever get confused as me with all the drugs the dr’s have you on?

I recently went into the Hospital with congested Heart Failure and came out with MORE DRUGS! added to my already long list.

right now I am on: Apridra , lantus , AndroGel 1.62% , Bystolic , Lasix ,
Lisinopril, Bayer Asprin , Ms Contin , Lortab , Gralise , Lisoderm patches , Trazodone , Xanax , Mevacor , Flomax , Prinzine , Spironolactone , Topamax , Cymbaltra , Prevacid , Vitamin D , Calcium , Magnisium , Flutucasone nose spray. I think thats enough.

I think 2 of these drugs are the same thing the Lisinopril and the Prinzine but I don’t know. Hell I don’t know if some of these drugs are not killing me.

It is better to get all your meds at one pharmacy. This cuts down on the likelihood of interactions and double prescriptions. Trying to save a few bucks by going to different pharmacies increases the likelihood that these will be missed.

What Goldensun says is true a pharmacy that is familiar with you and your drug history can be helpful. But one thing that can also be as helpful is your computer. When I'm given any drug I always look it up, especially the side effects. You can learn what your drugs are for and how they should work. No more do we have to be in the dark about our meds.

As I suggested on a previous thread, I've had a doctor tell me that when you approach 10 meds you are entering the danger zone and you are beyond that even with just the prescription meds. I would suggest making an appointment with your PCP. Bring in the list of your meds with doses and how you take it. (If you don't have one, type it up now). Tell him you've been feeling overmedicated and talk about what can be titrated or eliminated.