Dry Eye Syndrome

I used to suffer from dry eyes a few years ago and recently it had returned but not quite as debilitating as the last time. At the time my vision was so blurry and I was constantly crying. My optometrist referred me to an ophtholmologist. When she looked into my eyes she could see what looked like dandruff around the lashline of my eyes. Has anyone ever heard of blepharitis? The remedy is warm compresses on the eyes for about 5-7 minutes. Massaging the lids close to the lashline to release the oils from the meimobian glands then washing the lashline with a warm cloth and diluted baby shampoo. I have been doing this since I saw the ophtholmologist and my eyes has never felt better. I wonder if this was the underlying condition I had all of those years ago? A diet high in Omega 3s and flaxseed oil improves the condition. I take those as supplements. It is an easy fix for such a painful condition as dry eyes.


Our optho gave me sample a while back of Restasis for my dry eyes. They burned (as he said they might) so I didn’t fill an Rx. Recently my wife found out that the Restasis Rx that he gave her cost our insurance $1541.78 and us $105 for a 90 day supply. As outrageous as insulin.

I read on the Restastis site comments from people who used this. Alot of them said that their eyes were worse than what they were before. That statement scared me. I have a preservative free drop called Hylo-Gel. I got this from my optometrist. It works well, lasts a long time and doesn’t make the eyes blurry after taking a drop. The ophthalmologist I saw wrote me a prescription for the stuff. It is very expensive. What I have works. Meimobian gland dysfunction mimics the same condition as dry eye syndrome. The tears evaporate too quickly without the essential oil to keep it on the surface of the eyes longer.

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My dog who is diabetic had sudden onset major dry eye syndrome. My food hound turned into a dog that wouldn’t eat or drink water within a few days,

After a barrage of a lot of tests to find out if something else was wrong, it turned out just to be the eyes. They bothered her that much.

She was put on Optimmune Ophthalmic Ointment (cyclosporine) and Puralube eye ointment (White petrolatum and light mineral oil) 3 times a day. And we have since been able to drop it to twice a day.

The object for most dogs is to have the Optimmune once a day every other day, but since she was so bad, so fast, they don’t think she’ll ever be able to reduce to that level. Her eyes seem to be doing well now. Nice and lubricated and much healthier looking.