dShell Kickstarter?

So last week there was a post about the dShell Kickstarter that appeared in this Dexom users forum under the "Dexcom G4 Receiver Case: a new option" thread. I was very excited about the idea of a waterproof case for my Dexcom and promptly went to Kickstarter and pledged. I've even told friends with Dexcoms about it now that I know about it.

By the next day all traces of the dShell discussion (including my response post on the topic) were cleansed from that thread. What gives? The Kickstarter is still going, and lots of other products are mentioned on here (I've bought several). Where did that discussion go and why? I found the information to be highly relevant and useful and would not have known about it if it wasn't for the brief posting on this site.

I have nothing to do with the Kickstarter other than now being a pledger. I just think it looks like a really cool product that I would like to have.

Here is the link to it if others are interested. If there is some policy against it, I'd love to know the reasoning.


That is strange if the thread was deleted because I got a Facebook notification from Diabetes Hands Foundation about the dshell. And within the video it stated how 3% of the proceeds will go to DHF. Hopefully it’s just a little mix up.

It wasn't the whole thread that was deleted - the rest of it is still there, just the recent sidebar discussion on the dShell is gone. My home page also doesn't record that I made a comment on that topic last week. Seemed strange to me too!