Looks like I found a great Dexcom4 case

I'll report when it arrives. It is by Tallygear. It has a rotating clip so you have the choice of vertical or horizontal, is neoprene so it is low profile. It is made for the Dexcom4 so it has the openings where we need them.

We'll get back to you all when mine arrives.

Sounds awesome…please share the link when you can!


I love their stuff. It's durable and fits the G4 receiver perfectly and is made 100% in the USA. Donna Annese and her family make the cases in their home in Massachusetts. I have the original style which goes on my belt, or can clip to a pocket with the carabiner that came with it. But I do love the new colors of the neoprene ones. I have had this case for more than a year and it still looks as good as it did when I got it.

To Denise, I just goggled Tallygear Dexcom4 and came right to the place. I learned about it on the Insulin Pumpers Facebook group. Clare, thanks for the background info on Tallygear. I like that they are made in the USA and that they probably have a personal connection to the D situation.

Thanks, ladies!

I look forward to the report as well. I’ve been holding off because I understand you can’t hear the alarm (or feel the vibration, or both) through the neoprene, which was a deslbreaker for me. So hope I’m wrong for both our sakes.

Donna's daughter (Talia) is the impetus behind the product. She is T1 and was dxed I think when she was 7 ? The first product was the tummietote which was designed to hold Talia's insulin pump but she has broadened the offerings since then.

Sorry, ‘deslbreaker’ should have been dealbreaker.

We've had that case for almost a year - it's been great. We can hear it just fine - even from a different room - and my son still slips it into his spibelt. He can feel it vibrate as well. It still looks almost new so I'd highly recommend it!

We have that case. That clip is no joke - very strong and sturdy. I like how it acts as a stand when you have it on a tabletop - sits at just the perfect angle. My son (age 11) prefers to have DexCom in his pocket though, so he uses one of the other tallygear cases - we just got one of the neoprene ones with the carabiner and he's very happy with it. I hope you enjoy!

Thank you! I'm so glad to hear this.