Durable Medical Equipment Vendors - T:Slim

In order to be covered in Network by Aetna, I need to use one of their approved Durable Medical Equipment Vendors.

I was wondering if anyone has dealt with any of these vendors and can recommend one.

It is difficult to shop around because they all want your doctors information before they will talk to you. I dont want to bombard my doctor with calls from 5 vendors. I want to make an educated decision and then give one of the vendors my doctors info.

I used to use Byram with United Healthcare. That is how I got info from them, but they are giving me a hard time so I need to select another.

Any help would be appreciated.

  1. Byram Healthcare - Gave me trouble saying they would not sell me a pump in network.
  2. https://www.ccsmed.com/products/insulin-pump-supplies/tandem-tslim-x2
  3. https://www.edgepark.com/diabetes/insulin-pumps-and-supporting-supplies/insulin-pumps/t%3Aslim-x2-basal-iq-insulin-pump-300-units-with-tandem-device-updater-black/p/tn1000886
  4. https://www.myehcs.com/diabetes/insulin-pump-therapy/
  5. https://www.usmed.com/products/insulin-pumps/tandem-tslim-x2/

Sorry you’ve had a bad experience with Byram. I got my last Medtronic pump from them, and continue to get pump and dexcom supplies for over 5 years. Once set up, I can order on line and check status.

Just checked Byram website, and it shows t-slim. Is it that Byram is not set up for your insurance plan for pump purchase?

I have not used any of the others on your list.

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I am basically the same as MM1. i use Byram, I have had ups and downs. Mostly good results, but I get frustrated every May when my prescription runs out.

I used Edgepark many years ago, I like them, but that was so long ago (over 20 years) and it is no longer the same company.

A few words about the providers. As margins have been cut on DME’s service suffers. The service in this sector has rapidly declined in the last few years. If anyone knows a great one let us all know.

Good experiences with both Byram and CCS Medical.

Like the others I got my TSlim and still get all supplies through Byram. The initial experience was not good at all, especially as I caught them in one alternative non-fact statement after another. Once established, the service has been good, with only 1 shipping error in the last few years. I use online acct management and don’t speak with anyone there unless they call me.

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Interesting to hear. I don’t even know when my RX needs renewing, they handle it without my involvement, and contact MD when needed, with minimal delay.

I did have minor problem with timing of pump purchase claim.
When they pinged my insurance for deductible balance, I had not yet met deductible. But by the time they actually billed, I met it, but they did not recheck. Had to get my employer involved to resolve with Byram. They ended up having me pay wrong amount, but then sent me refund.

Thanks everyone. I had been using Byram for the tslim cartridges and infusion sets. And I was happy with Byram, however, getting a replacement pump from them has been one roadblock after another with inconsistent answers every time I call. I will try one more time and then move on to CCS to see if that resolves my issue.

I have an Aetna policy and they directed me to use Pumps It


I’ve had no problems getting my pump and so far supplies are no issue.

I used Byram for my Dexcom supplies when I was on BCBS. My only issue was unnecessary calls reminding me it was time to reorder - even though I had a standing recurring order in place. Not a big deal, but over time very irritating.

Apparently it is not just the insurance carrier but also the network that determines the policy. So I am Aetna on the POS II Network.

Interesting on Pumps IT. I didn’t see them on the list of approved suppliers but maybe you belong to a different network, or its another case of getting a different answer every time you speak to the insurance rep.

I decided to contact Byram one last time after speaking with Aetna. Aetna said as long as they are in network and they carry the pump, there are no restrictions.

Then Byram once again said they were not allowed to sell me the pump. I wasn’t going to argue about it. They gave me the same story when I was on UnitedHealthcare.

I called CCS med and they took my info. So now I get to wait a week for them to contact my Doctor and then get approvals.

My information is this has changed as of February.

As of February this year, if somebody is on UHC (commercial) and wants a Tandem X2 then Byram is 100% the place to go to.

This is not being publicized for reasons that one can certainly speculate about.

Actually got that vendor from Tandem. The area rep did all the work with Aetna. Never did have to talk to Aetna - thank goodness!

I live in virginia, my insurance gave me the 3 some suppliers on there list. Edgemark, Sterling and liberty. Sterling and liberty both transferred me to Edgemark because they cover my region. Service has been okay, received my order (pump supplies) same week, but every month I get e-mail to confirm my order, then another, then one telling my to log into my account to confirm my order, then anouther. Finally I called. Now every time I get the e-mail I concern then call. Other than that they have been great.

I have been using CCS for several years and have not had 1 problem. I usually use the email they send me to reorder supplies.

Have you actually contacted Tandem yet? It doesn’t sound like it. You generally don’t have to source your own provider. If you follow the "get started"instructions/links on the Tandem website, they should do the approval and DME vendor footwork for you. When I decided I wanted to go the Tandem route , against medical advice because my Endo only worked with Medtronic, they did EVERYTHING for me, and three weeks later my new Tslim was in hand. I was actually surprised at how little communication it required of me, because I never did anything to commit to it, other than fill out the application Having never had a oump before, I thought there would be some contract signing, or SOMETHING.
I was pretty surprised when someone from Byram called to verify shipping. They even sent a trainer to my Endo to install software on their computers and teach them about the pump.

From reading your question, it sounds like you just decided on your own to go sourcing.

Same for me. Tandem isn’t an approved supplier under my insurance so they set everything up with a vendor that is (Pumps-It). I now have to source my supplies from them as well. I can’t buy anything directly from tandem, but they own support, service, warranty, etc.