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I have Medicare and United Healthcare as my supplemental insurance. I use a Tandem t:slim pump. Please suggest a good, reliable supply company for pump supplies - infusion sets and cartridges. I know this has been asked before, but I want to be sure I have a current answer. I am very unhappy with Edgepark.

I am on Medicare and am supplied by 2 different DME companies, Solara for Dexcom and CCS Medical for pump supplies. My experiences with Solara has been less than stellar, while CCS has been very good.

Solara (Adapthealth) seems to have issues with admin and communications to patients and doctor’s offices. Their app(s), I think I am on the 3rd now, will show that an order is processing, but will not mention an issue, such as needing a new chart or most recently, my endo’s address changed, requiring a new prescription.

I don’t have a problem with Solara needing this kind of information. But would it be too much to tell the relevant parties what is needed?

I have had no such issues with CCS. The send reminder email and a snail mail notice as well on the need for reordering.

Others may have different experiences.

Thank you.

I’m also on Medicare + UHC and am in the process of ordering a Tandem X2. Received this:

Hello, this is an update from Tandem regarding your t:slim X2 request - we have reviewed your insurance and have sent your referral over to Byram Healthcare, their preferred provider.

The rep had made it seem like Edgepark and Byram were the only options but maybe I misunderstood. I know I don’t like Edgepark—I’ve recently been going to a lot of trouble to get all my DME consolidated under Wellstart, who I started with for Dexcom supplies upon starting Medicare, and I’ve been pretty happy with them (smaller company, better customer support). But the rep told me they aren’t supported for Tandem. So I’m curious whether you’ve run up against any limitations as to suppliers? Doesn’t sound like you were slotted into “Byram as their preferred provider” as I was.

Edit for clarification: the choice of DME for the pump itself is more limited. Under Medicare I can’t purchase it directly from Tandem, so have to go with approved supplier. But I’m not limited to that supplier when it comes to insets and reservoirs. Wellstart tells me they can’t do the pump but they can do the other stuff.

I’m also on Medicare and have a United Healthcare Advantage plan. I get my supplies from Byram. I’ve have very good service from them, never had a problem.


Thank you

Thank you. I had Byram in the past when I was on regular insurance. I think I should probably return to them.

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I have used Byram in past, and had good service. Switched insurance, and now use CCSMed.
(pump supplies only, since dexcom from local pharmacy.)

Both are ok.

Thank you

I use byram for my dexcom supplies, they are great if you do everything automated.
They send me a text that it’s time to order, I reply ORDER and it shows up in 2 days

It’s harder to call them because wait times are long, but once you get it all set up it’s pretty easy

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Thank you

I also have medicare and United and have found Byram to be a reasonable company. A little annoying with trying to generate reorders. Otherwise, I like the company.

Diabetes Product Catalog | Online Diabetes Through Insurance | Byram Healthcare

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Thank you. Many have responded positively to Byram.

I use CCS for both pump and sensor supplies. I am very happy with their service.

Thank you.

@JVG Jane - Like you, I have left Edgepark. I did a bunch of research and came up with 2 options for supplies: Byram & Tandem (themselves). Tandem (the company) sells TSlim supplies & that’s who I am currently getting my pump supplies from. Byram is handling my Dexcom G6 supplies.

Thank you. I really appreciate everyone’s input.

Just a note that the OP is on Medicare + UHC, and thus not able to get supplies directly from Tandem (I’m in the same boat and going through this process with Tandem*). I think this may have something to do with the fact that under this coverage you’re not actually purchasing the pump but renting it, with Medicare as the actual owner—as I was surprised to learn when I looked at my Byram invoice.

*Tandem indicated Byram is the preferred supplier for this insurance, so that’s who I’ve ended up using. I too am glad to hear mostly positive reviews.


The Medicare pump agreement is a 13 month rent to own agreement. It’s not unusual, all durable medical equipment provided under Medicare Part B has similar arrangements that only vary in the length of the rental period based on likelihood of continued need.
(eg Portable oxygen equipments have a 36 months “rental” with coverage to be provided for 5 years.)

Unless you have a dis-Advantage plans, Medicare is the primary insurer. They have no preferred suppliers. Companies are either authorized contractors or not.

I’ve been getting my Medicare Tandem and Dexcom supplies from Solara (Adapt Health). Generally they’ve been pretty reliable. Adapt is a national company.

Local supplier guide: Durable Medical Equipment Cost Compare |

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