Edgepark Alternative

I just switched to edgepark, but only for my g6 transmitter. Other than a bump in the initial process where they went behind my back and requested and then filled a prescription from my doctor when I told them not to until I decided who to get it from, for the sensors and the transmitter, it has been OK so far and you just reminded me I have to pay the co-pay for the transmitter, just half the price of what I was paying at Solara.

They billed my insurance on that initial order but I paid no copay and it wii be refunded to the ins but it takes 90 days.

I heard even worse things about the alternative so I still decided on them. I was getting everything on 30 day and 21 day supplies from solara for years and now will be getting most of my pump and dexcom at express scripts which is going to be significantly cheaper by hundreds, so far anyway.

Yea edgepark used to give me the same bs all the time, Iam also done with them

FINAL UPDATE: I just cancelled all orders with Edgepark!!! I am now getting Dexcom supplies from Byram and TSlim supplies directly from Tandem. I am OVER THE MOON!

Thank you to everyone here who responded with encouragement and ideas! I really appreciate the time you took to answer me in my hour of need. I will still need to work out final payments with Edgepark, but once I am done THIS time, I am REALLY DONE with Edgepark! :tada:

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It depends more on how your cgm is covered. My plan pharmacy benefit added Dexcom G6, so I can get at local pharmacy. Prior to that had to get shipped from DME that was valid for my insurance.

Dexcom made significant effort to support Pharmacy to stock and supply. I think most walgreens do.

USMED has been amazing. I also started with Edgepark-Impossible.

I love US Med for my CGM supplies and I have Dexcom G6. I had Byram before that and liked them. I get my infusion sets and cartridges for Tandem pump from Edgepark. They seem to be able to handle that. I made the mistake 2 years ago and tried to consolidate all at Edgepark. They absolutely could not handle the process for Dexcom supplies. At some point I may switch all to US Med. I have Medicare and supplement. Other than deductible I have never received a bill.

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