EdgePark / United Health Care

I know I’ve seen Edgepark mentioned in the forums in the past but never really paid much attention to it and wasn’t sure what it was for. Well I got a call from Insulet informing me that because my health care provider switched to United Health Care and they do not have a direct contract with them I would now have to deal with Edgepark.

Can anyone give me thier experiences? I haven’t been on the POD for a full year and I’m wondering how this change will be, just hoping they will cover things the same as I had with Blue Cross.

Any input would be appreciated…as I wait to hear back from Edgepark and how the coverage will apply before I have to re-order more pods.

I’ve had no problems with them at all. They were very helpful getting everything set up with UHC. Service has been excellent so far. Pods are delivered automatically 3-4 times a year.

Same thing just happened to me. Seems to work pretty seamlessly, I got a big box of pods from EdgePark.

The only thing I’ve noticed that could be bad is that all of my pod boxes have the same lot number. I know that when you get them from Insulet, they mix them up so that you are not stuck with too many ‘bad’ pods should that lot prove unreliable. I mean to ask EdgePark about this in time for my next order.

I’ve had no problems at all with Edgepark. I know all insurance plans are different, but I pay NOTHING for my pods… not even a copay.

Don’t be anxious about it! It will be just fine. :slight_smile:

I bought my first two sets of pods from Edgepark. But I also have Medco mail order pharmacy benefits with United Health Care. Even with my insurance, Edgepark was costing $60.00 per box. Now, purchasing a 90 day supply from Medco costs me $125.00 instead of Edgepark’s $240.00. You might check into UHC’s Medco pharmacy.

We have had no issue with Edgepark. Pods come when they are due like clockwork.

Love Edgepark! They supply my Pods and Dexcom gear. Always helpful with orders and insurance. A1 service! You can setup reoccurring orders, order online, or by phone.

Thanks Everyone!! Looks like this should be just fine…just a little concern when Insulet contacted me to inform me that they do not work with UHC. Happy Podding !!

Hi typeIIjan,

I do have Medco and have always ordered my strips and insulin from them. Are you getting your Pods from Medco??

From the beginning, Edgepark provided my pods and my startup kit. When I reordered my pods last December, they were $240.00 for four boxes and they said that the price would go up tremendously when I had to meet my insurance deductable again in January. I went ahead and got them, but I was skeptical abou the pricing since the most I have to pay for any tier 3 prescription is $50.00.

My insurance deductable does not have to be met from year to year. Once I met my $1500 deductable last fall, my U500 insulin has gone from $50 per vial to $10.00 per vial, so my 90 day supply, 4 vials, costs me $25.00. My pods only cost me $125.00 for 4 boxes as my 90-day supply. Considering my start up was $1400, due to having to meet my deductable and ordering everything new, including my PDA, this is quite a savings. I can set up automatic refills for my pods and insulin, but since I am on a very restricted insulin, the U500 concentrated insulin, I have to order a month early so that they have time to do their due diligence.

Insulet is the one that set me up with Edgepark, and they were very nice to work with. But if I can get the same product for $115 less per order, I’ve got to go with the savings.


Since the pods are an Abbott product, it really doesn’t make a difference to me about Insulet working with my UHC health insurance. Abbott also allows other medical suppliers to distribute them. Once I understood that, I had not compunction against using Medco instead and enjoying the savings.

Well, I just got approval from my insurance to get the Omnipod but I’ve been dealing with Edgepark throughout the entire ordeal. Their customer service is great and the people I talk to have been tremendously helpful in getting doctor and insurance approval for the omnipod, which I’ll have covered at 100%. I’m hopefully that continuing to work with them after I get the Omnipod will be just great. :slight_smile:

I started on the pod when I was covered by UHC in 2009 and went through Edgepark. I switched to my husband’s insurance after an ongoing battle over denial of coverage, durable medical equipment policy and appeals with UHC in 2010. Edgepark was fine and somewhat helpful during the process. In an effort to save money my husband’s school district is switching to UHC April 1st, so back to UHC I go, but with a better plan this time around. I think the issues people have had (from what I recall) mostly pertain to the type of insurance plan you have with UHC rather than issues with Edgepark themselves. Good luck! : )