Medco/Express Scripts and new pods

First time to post here , but I figure someone else has to be in my same situation. I have United Healthcare, and I get my pods through Medco/ExpressScripts in order to avoid the $1000 deductible if I use Edgepark.

Anyways, Medco seems to be telling me that they have no clue about the new pods. Anyone else tried to call them about this?

I have around 2 boxes left , and need to find out an answer ASAP

I use Edgepark for my Pods and used them for my PDM. I live in Texas and have a Medicare Advantage program (adimin by United). I have to use an authorized supplier and Edgepark is who they referred me to for Pod and PDM. I am new, so I got the new versions of each. I cannot get pods from our supplier for Rx (Optum Rx) who has the contract from Physicians Health Choice (my Medicare Advantage, a United Healthcare company). It may be that MEDCO is strictly a provider of drugs, not 'equipment'. Call your insurer to find out your authorized provider. **NOTE** Edgepark may not have new pods for current subscribers, only newbies.

If I go through Edgepark, my $1000 deductible applies.....pods are $180 for 3 months worth through Medco/Express Scripts.

I find it hard to believe nobody at Medco can tell me if they have the new pods

I am not surprised Medco people have no clue about the new pods. They will know about them once they have them in the inventory. Insulet just started mailing out the new stuff, and it is well known that the distributors will have it with a bit of the delay. From what I know Edgepark does not mail out the new pods as well. They know it is in the air but no specifics when available. I decided to relax, the worse case scenario you will get next 3 months of " old" pods. Keep in mind those were the good pods before the " new" era. Just wait until you really have to order.
Good Luck. I can't wait as well to try the new pods, but...

I’m on United Health care and Medco/Express Scripts as well. I had a horrible time getting my first order of pods and test strips and found that I would get different answers everytime I called. Bottom line, I don’t think their staff is very well informed. I was finally able to get a supervisor who actually helped. So keep calling back or ask for a supervisor to get a better answer. I have a couple of months left before reorder. Got my fingers crossed that it will be the new ones!

So I found out last nite that Medco DOES have the new pods....the issue is that Insulet is dragging its feet on the PDM.

The Insulet rep admitted to me that "there are less than 100 NEW users getting the new PDM"

I really dont see the holdup...