Elk Mountain Grand Traverse Ski Race!

Well I am doing a 40 mi ski race from Crested Butte to aspen CO tomorrow (Friday at midnight). It starts at midnight so you get over the mountains before the avalanche danger gets tooooo high. You have to carry enought gear to stay overnight, an avalanche beacon, all your food, etc. It’s all in the backcountry with the end a ski down aspen ski mountain. Check out the race details at http://www.elkmountaintraverse.org/

I take Humalog and Lantus. I’ll take less lantus and little or no humalog. I expect the race to take 10 hrs to maybe 15 if things go bad. I eat about 100-150 cal every 45 min. These are GUs and energy bars with maybe a pb&j sandwich…

So if I don’t post again I’m probably in a snow bank at 12,300 ft.

I am also raising money for the JDRF. I got a nice article in the local paper. If anyone wants to check out the training and what it’s like here near Crested Butte and MORE importantly donate to the JDRF go to my blog at

I’ll post when I get back from Aspen.

Well we started the race well but my partner fell coming down and broke his hand and we had to drop out! Wait till next year!!! See my web page for more…