Email from Tandem re G7 Limited Launch

Thanks for the clarification, I am looking forward to hearing if anyone gets to progress to the software update actually this month. I’m disconnecting the autopilot until then, big risk but I’m doing it :joy: I hope my monthly cgm TIR doesn’t drop down :sweat:

After 36 hrs with G7 without the tandem integration and g7 s jumpy and lower than actual readings especially during the night was a very “interesting” experience. I immediately returned back to g6 and hoping to sleep properly tonight :melting_face:

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A couple times a week, I go to the Tandem Product Support page and do a search on “G7”. Up until today, that has always returned 7 articles, the most pertinent of which said something like “integration of the Dexcom G7 with the t:slim insulin pump is complex and requires a lot of…” (I’m paraphrasing). That article does not come up today. Could it be a sign that the mythical G7 integration limited release is coming soon? Do I see Bigfoot or a Unicorn out my window?


I do the same thing several times a week looking to see if they’ve uploaded any product support/user manuals for the Mobi! So far, nothing but crickets.

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The limited launch application is already closed. I call them once a week and ask. Nothing yet. Tandem is supposed to choose among the applicants and release the software update, but they won’t tell when exactly. I’m expecting within October,it’s just my personal feeling, nothing official. All I know is prior to update a training video or something will be required. So if anyone gets further instructions please share the date you get it.

I noticed in the website that they have the upgrade from tslim to mobi for $199 US. So this makes me feel like the release of mobi is coming soon. They will need to release the g7 patch first tho.

That upgrade cost is only applicable if you purchased your tslim x2 this year I think after July or something like that. It does not apply the same cost to everyone. I got mine end of 2021. So when the limited launch of mobi becomes available I can get it for $999 or something like that until the warranty end of my pump 12/2025. After that I would need to return the mobi get back my out of warranty old pump and the $999 paid is gone (it’s like rent). They’ve the explanation in detail somewhere on tandem website. Limited launch should be close to the end of this year and public release beginning of next year.

Yes the g7 integration software update should be released soon for the limited launch and I’m still waiting for it :sweat: if anyone gets email about the limited launch update to proceed please notify us here.

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I would hold off getting the g7 until dexcom gets it right.Did some research on other diabetes websites and WOW people have nothing good to say about the g7. You have to use over tape on them. Even with over tape on them g7 fall off really easy. The Bluetooth is lost very easily and the list goes on. It seems the people that are on it want to or are going back to the g6. People that has used the g7 say there is a lot more r+d to be done

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My 36 hr g7 experience was great, except the readings were completely wrong. It was all the time reading extremely low, and no bleeding during insertion. It comes with a small patch that you can cover the sides to hold better. I didn’t experience any problem with staying on my arm during the first 36 hrs. My issue was the unreliable readings and constant scatter jumping graph. I removed it and returned to g6. But the replacement dexcom sent for the g7 is a newer version. I didn’t dare to test it yet. Waiting for tandem integration software update first. It’s better to deal with one problem at a time. But if the new version of g7 is also not good then yes I would stay with g6 until g7 advance further. I’ve met some people that really had good results with g7. Maybe the ones like myself had bad experience because of the first g7 batch. I don’t know for sure.

Out of curiosity, how do you know the newer sensor is a different version? Does it look different in some way?

Do you observe any differences between the right and left g7 products? Right side ref number is the biggest hint. You’ll also notice the manufacturing and expiry dates are different.

Let’s look at the back of the boxes.

The Revision number on the right is a higher, newer number. I hope that clarifies it.

My nightmare was with Rev 009 (Stp-AT-011).

I am waiting for the pump integration update to test the rev010 (stp-AT-012)


Thanks! I haven’t tried the G7 yet and never really paid attention to any of the numbers on a sensor except the lot (for replacements) and expiration.

There has been a lot of discussion in the past about when Dexcom changed the G6 transmitter to the “firefly” version, which looked significantly different than it’s predecessors in addition to major software changes, so that’s where my mind was.

When tandem does the switchover, they will retain the g-6 capabilities and just add the g-7.
I kind of want the kinks worked out anyway. I’m just gonna wait for the mobi release and make the switch at that time. My Tslim pump expires in June 2024.


@Sin_Ay On Dexcom packaging REF is the catalog number. The “LBL017963 Rev 010” is the packaging design (label) ID and revision.

I did some googling and found there are three catalog numbers for the G7, all with corresponding NDC numbers

STP-AT-011 NDC#08627097711
STP-AT-012 NDC#08627007701 Retail
STP-AT-013 NDC#08627990713 For Government Use

The government number is just the medicare/medicade/etc labeled box. The only difference between the three besides the label is the profit margin.

If I remember correctly, you can only switch using the $999 if your old pump has 12 months remaining warranty. You’ll have less than 12 months so it’ll be like a new pump for you, which is much better.

If you insist :slightly_smiling_face:. The only thing I know is no one in the world puts different revision numbers for the same packaging. And even dexcom g6 had many revisions over the years. If you seriously think the manufacturers keep producing the same defect material and keep issuing more products for free to customers, I would disagree. They’re always trying to improve their products, reduce defects, increase quality and reliability, only for one purpose, to add value to the share holders, increase their stock price :wink:

I got an email on the Dex 7 integration launch just now. I assume many of you did too. It said look for another message next week.
I have several G6s to use up and I don’t like to be “first” for new gadgets so I will wait a bit if I can.

I received the same email today.


Another good reason for using up your G6 sensors before you switch to the G7, is that allows you to quickly build up a small “emergency stockpile” of G7 sensors.

For example, assume you take delivery of 9 G7 sensors on December 1 that is normally a 90 day allotment. If you have 3 leftover G6 sensors that you use until December 30, then you wion’t actually use your first G7 until nearly January one. That way, by the time your 90 days are up (from December 1) when you will be eligible to get 9 more sensors, you still should have an unused stockpile of 3 G7 sensors.

Good luck.


Me too, and that was exactly my thought. I’m not in a hurry and have a bunch of G6 sensors I’m happy with.

I thought I had heard somewhere we’d be able to switch back and forth between G6 and G7 on the pump itself, but am not sure where I had heard that or if it is true!