Tandem x2 update for G7 = when?

Anyone know when the Tandem t-slim X2 update for the G7 will be available?
Last I heard from Tandem late last year/early this year that it was scheduled for June or July. Have not seen or heard anything since then. I can get the G7 and use i as a standalone CGM but I do not want to lose control-iq.

You can fill out this form and maybe find out sooner.

I filled it out months ago. Crickets from Tandem.

I read last week that the Tandem Mobi was approved by the FDA, and that pump will have with the ability to take G6 or G7.

No idea when they will start shipping them out or giving upgrade opportunities.

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I also am not happy with Tandem dragging its feet on this. I was contacted by Tandem last month to say it would occur in the last six months of this year, that seems slow, but what do I know.

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Tandem gave an update on this in their last earnings report. Tandem isn’t dragging their feet, it’s with the FDA pending approval. They stated they expect approval in Q3 with meaningful numbers in Q4. Libre is expected approval in Q4 with meaningful numbers in Q1.

What bI read on the Tandem web site is that they are doing a single software update for the g7, Libre, and one other CGM. So they are leaving us in the lurch until they can distribute the whole shootin’ math at once. Gee, thanks for the good customer service, Tandem.

I just read a review by Ginger Viera of the Dexcom 7 sensor and I have to say I do not think I am in a rush.


Gary Scheiner gives G7 a positive review. But user comments not so positive!!


Thanks! Very interesting to read Gary Scheiner’s description, and then the comments. Eek!

It sounded like the tape ends too close to the edge of the device.

I have always used an overtape from a company called GrifGrips with my G6, and they have several different types of adhesives, with varying amounts of gripping power. You can call them and get a sample pack to try out their different fabrics and adhesives. I found one that grips well and doesn’t make my skin itch.

Tandem is definitely doing separate software updates for G7 and Libre in the US. In the Aug. 16th UBS MedTech, Tools and Genomics Summit 2023, John Sheridan (the CEO) said we were just a few weeks away, and that Libre integration would follow later. Outside of the US, yes, they’re shorting for 1 single software update. But it should be a global launch very soon, instead of the long waits we’ve previously seen.

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  • After reading some of the user comments, I too amnot quite as het up as I might have been. A lot of the complaints (adhesion among others) seem like initial-rollout issues that are typical of any high tech product, and I’m a long time believer in Never Buy the 1.0 Version of Anything. I love the idea of the shorter warm-up time, but I’m ok waiting while they work more of the bugs out.
  • I’m MUCH more eager to see progress with that new infusion set they’ve been developing (can’t remember the name of the partner). One thing I didn’t like about switching from MT was losing the Advance infusion sets. Much more comfortable, easier to insert in awkward areas, and reliable.
  • Didn’t know they were even considering integration with Libre. The more interoperability the merrier. Now how about universal interoperability with infusion sets (Luer lock everywhere!)

ETA: Tandem Acquires Capillary Biomedical | Tandem Diabetes Care


I was contacted by Tandem yesterday and asked me if I want to get the software update to allow my pump to accept both G6 and G7 and also go back and forth. So I said yes and we’ll I haven’t gotten the link to the software yet but they said it will come soon.


Me too!!! They certainly took their time.

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Did you get the update yet?

No. The only indication that may be from Tandem is my G7 supplier added an unscheduled shipment of 3 G7 sensors. But, nothing from Tandem since the email.

But your supplier is not related to tandem right? Suppliers like DME, they only fulfill your requested orders :sweat_smile: if you haven’t ordered the g7 then it’s an error and you can have them change it, unless you want to keep them.

My supplier, CCSMedical, sends me monthly notices of future orders that I review and routinely authorize. Those orders are based on the Rx’s from my Endo.

In this case the G7 order was totally out of sequence but right after I acknowledged via the Tandem email that yes, I want to update my pump software to use either G6 or G7 and my supplier was CCSMedical. So, seems more than a coincidence, but could also be some glitch in their ordering system….it would not be their first.

I talked to our local Tandem rep yesterday, 9/21/23.

  • no one locally has received the Ok from Tandem to update X2 pumps to G7 software.
  • none of the Tandem reps she talks to know when the G7 software update will actually happen but she is attending a conference next week that may offer answers.
  • the new Tandem Modi pump is FDA approved and will start shipping Feb 1, 2024. While I received a Tandem email this week offering a cheap upgrade to replace a new X2 purchased before 12/31/2023, it’s only good for non-Medicare users.

Thanks for the information, I’ve signed up for the mobi limited launch,but that will be available end of the year.

About the g7 integration update, I’m still waiting :sweat: