Email from Tandem re G7 Limited Launch

Just got this from Tandem re G7 integration:

We’re excited to announce that we are nearing the limited launch of t:slim X2 insulin pump’s enhanced integration that will enable it to be compatible with multiple sensors, including the Dexcom G6 and Dexcom G7. For existing t:slim X2 users, this integration will become available through a remote software update.

If you are interested in participating in a limited launch of the software update that will enable these integration capabilities, please follow the link below and answer four simple questions that will help us to determine if you are eligible for the limited launch.

Anyone else? I’m actually inclined to hold off for a while but I did give them my info just to see what’s up.


I’m with you

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I will be starting a new G6 trans this week, so will be 3 months before I switch, maybe longer. Not in any hurry, and look forward to others experience that switch with Tandem pumps.


Thanks for letting us know!

For anyone who didn’t sign up previously, here’s the link to get G7 integration updates

I’m in New Zealand now, though I got my pump when we still lived in the USA so I’m in a weird spot where I get the US benefits (like t:connect and remote bolus, which doesn’t exist in NZ) but my support team is based in NZ with a Dexcom subsidiary called NZMS Diabetes. So when the G7 integration comes through in the US, it likely won’t happen in NZ for several weeks or months. But yet I no longer have a US doctor to send a prescription through. This’ll be fun to figure out…


I got the same offer, and I also got a phone call. I accepted it, but have not gotten the link to the software yet. It doesn’t seem like it’s any big deal, it just allows for the sensor codes of the g7 which I assume are different enough from the G6.
I can still use the G6 with this new software.
I’ll let you know after I get it going.


That was my exact question. Some Tandem software decisions are one-way, like CIQ, so I wanted to be sure I wasn’t going to be committing to anything.


I agree. Let them get the “kinks” out first.

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I put myself in. The T-Slim is only a software update but the G-7 will be great with only a 20 min warm up and it’s said to be more accurate.

I requested access to the launch.

I got the email and have signed up. I hope to get the opportunity and I don’t think that there is any risk doing it since they have been very clear that you can choose to use G6 or G7. I don’t know whether initially in the limited launch we will be asked to use G7. I currently have both G6 and G7 sensors on my D-shelf. I have used two G7 sensors but found that I missed Control IQ (warts and all) too much to continue with G7.


I got the message which said we would be asked 4 questions. I only got one, about my demographics. I got no more questions so I’m not sure if they have an age criteria for early launch. Irksome, if so. However, I do have a few G6 sensors and hope to use them up before starting G7. Not many but a few. I have read about some issues with the G7 so I do want to be sure its match with Tandem is for real.

I received the same message. My current pump goes off warranty at the end of this month. I assume the new pump will use Dexcom G7. I am going to wait and see what I have to learn and do with the new pump.

Dexcom announced that the mobi which is that tiny patch pump, will accept either g6 or g7. So this is likely why they are rolling this out now to have it tested on the T2 s that are in the field. I expect after they work out the bugs, they will release the mobi with the same g6/g7 capabilities.


Has anyone received any contact from Tandem after filling in the 4-question signup for the limited release of the t:slim/G7 integration? They seem to be awfully quiet after sending out the “invite”.

Not a peep here. Looks like a few people have heard back though.

Software updates require a prescription from your doctor, which all need logged and processed. And they’re still finalizing release details. They’re just gathering eligible people so they’re lined up when they’re ready to launch.

On the 7th, the CEO said the update was “a few weeks away.”

I asked and this particular software update will not require prescription. Still waiting for the update :frowning: tomorrow will be starting on g7 without integration unfortunately.

I did the survey and nothing since. I was also told that the g7 is treated the same as g6 and will not require a new script. But I’m not switching to the g7 till it’s integrated. There is no point for me.

When you say few people have heard back, did you mean that they actually were informed that they were selected and got the software update or training video access already for the g7?? :melting_face:

Just echoing what I saw upthread. Haven’t heard from anyone who has actually been sent the software link.