End of G5 in Canada

I got this email a few days ago, maybe some other people would be interested as well. Funny that not long ago I had asked Dexcom how much longer they would be supporting G5 products, and the rep told me they didn’t have an end in sight for them…guess that was wrong. I’m not looking forward to switching to the G6.

Currently using an t:slim X2 w/ G5.

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Thanks for posting this Elliot

I inquired earlier in the week about purchasing cutoff dates for G5 transmitters and sensors, I’ve not yet had any reply

I’m with you - have no desire to switch to the more expensive G6 system

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I got the same eamil the other day. I just purchased a G5 transmitter on Friday and there was no mention of this.

I’m hoping that if I go to the G6 (I may also go back to the Libre, if I can sort out allergy issues), I’m really hoping there’s a way to extend sensors, especially if I end up getting the t:slim rather than using xDrip.

From what I read on this forum, there is a way, but the sensors become unreliable fast after the 12 day time. I’ve had a lot of trouble getting G5 sensors to go for 12 days, so I’m highly skeptical that the G6 will be able to last 12 days as well. Guess we don’t have a choice now…

I have done the calculations for G5 vs G6 before I got my G5, and the difference for me personally with insurance paying 80% is +$11/mo (calculated with G5 using for 11 days vs 12 days non-restartable [at the time] G6)

See below for anyone interested.