Endo appointment tomorrow

I have my first endo appointment since early November tomorrow. Really my first appointment since starting the CGM and pumping (had only been on the pump 2 weeks during the last appointment).

I’m nervous!

Which, is really nothing new. But I’m not nervous because I’ve been bad this time. I know I haven’t been bad. Comparatively speaking, anyway. But I’m nervous to see how I’ve been doing.

I don’t own a scale, but I know I’ve lost weight. The only time the number gets checked though is at the doctor, so I’ll finally find that out tomorrow.

According to my pump, I’ve been averaging around 100 mg/dl for both my meter and my CGM sensor (last two weeks–105 meter, 98 sensor). Nice, eh! Well, the average is nice, anyway. Of course, I have too many lows. All of which are not recorded. Similarly, I know I spike higher than my CGM catches often enough.

Knowing these things, I don’t know why I care so much what my A1c is. But for whatever reason, I do. And I’m nervous finding out. It’s not really rational, but when am I ever rational?

This appointment is over 24 hours away and I’m antsy as hell. I really need to chill out. Good luck with that, self.

(I wonder if anyone else gets like this? I actually have a problem with a racy pulse in the nurse’s station. I have to explain this to the nurse every time. Then the doc checks again at the end of the appointment and I’m fine. I’m so idiotic.)