Endo Nerves

I don't know why this always happens, but I freak out before endo appts. I've been dreading this appt for the last two weeks--and now it's tomorrow and I don't want to go.

He's nice, he's caring, he put me on meds even though my highest A1c had been in the mid-5's. I always leave feeling better somehow. I'm not expecting a high A1c, I'm not looking to bug him for insulin (though god, but I want to). I just really, really don't like the time before I see him.

I want to talk to him about MODY this time. This is nothing new, but it's the first time I have the data to back up the idea that I should be tested. I'm not nervous about this--mostly, I think, because I'm giving him a really, REALLY good paper I wrote about MODY and I know he's going to be happy with it. (He encourages me to bring him things like this--he might be the biggest supporter of my going to medical school.)

Does anyone else have this problem before they visit their endo?

I wouldn’t say I freak out but I do feel anxiety for sure. I think it’s especially hard when you are first diagnosed or still in a gray area, pre-diabetes category, and/or waiting to be classified or “Typed”. The docs don’t quite know what to do with you and you don’t know what the right treatment plan is to give you the best quality of life because it’s probably changing constantly as they throw one pill after another at you. Take a few deep breaths before you go in there armed with a list of questions and studies and don’t be shy. Ask your questions and let him know how this effecting you, because in the end we are not just a pile of test results and numbers on their desks, this is OUR life, our current and future health.

I freak out, too. I always figured it was left over from my teenage/college years when my visits were few and far between and therefore more nerve inducing. Without fail, though, I always panic and want to cancel my appointment the day or so before because I have a general feeling that something will not be good enough. That has never actually been the case, and my doctor is generally positive about everything, but I'm always anxious.

I love my endo, but I always get anxious before appointments. The nurse usually has to check my blood pressure a couple times, meanwhile I'm chanting "breathe in, breathe out relax in my head". I always walk feeling good and motivated though.

When you're a doctor, Guitarnut, please remember how you felt as a patient.

I have never been allowed to see an endo because my blood sugar is too low (Kaiser's opinion). I can say I'm never nervous about seeing the doctors I do see, but I seem to go in there with a chip on my shoulder, and generally end up finding something to be defensive about. I hate that. I would really like to have a doctor I could work with for a change.