ENDO Visit 1/17/2012 and results :-)

Well I went to the Endo Tue. after wearing the Pump for about 3 months and CGM for about a month. went a week before my endo vist to do all the blood work. BOY was I surprised when the Doc cam in to chat. my last results was in one hand and the new one was in the other. last A1C was 13.8 <---- not good.. the new one was 8.3 <--- grinning from ear to ear. Man they tested for everything cholestorol was half of what it was before. and everything else she tested for looked great <--- her words. I have even gained some weight I now weigh 151.5 lbs. never seen those numbers before 135 to 140 was about my normal. So i guess the pump has done very well for me. I love not having to stick myself anymore and with the cgm it has reduced my finger sticks we have the pump adjusted pretty good and now the CGM is within 10 to 15 points of my finger stick. Just found out yesterday the my insurance is not paying for all my pump supplies. so i am going to have to find some extra cash to make up the difference, a small prive to pay to live a more normal life. I really dont think that the people who work for the insurance companies realize what a pump means to a type I. I think they take living life for granit, I guess if we turned their Pancrease off they would look at life a little different. Had some issues with the CGM getting the tape to stick to me, after a few trials with some other tape. I found that 4 plan o Band aids work real good they stick good and hold the CGM down so I don't catch my clothes on it and pull it out. Day 6 with the CGM in place and counting, still feels comfortable at the 45 degree angle on my stomach.
Well i have said enough for now Hope all have good BG levels and enjoy life to the fullest.

Huge congrats Chuck, that's fabulous! You've done a LOT of work in 3 months to get there, give yourself a huge pat on the back. Bet you feel a lot better too :) I love my pump too (Ping), it's a life-changing piece of tech for sure, love my Dexcom as well.

Check online for a product called Opsite Flexifix. It's the best thing for holding the dexcom tape down. It comes in a roll.. you cut strips and stick on on each edge. It looks expensive, but lasts for ages. The stuff is great, sticks through anything

Kudos again!

Well done, that is a great achievement. Sure you we feel the benefits of it in the long term.. Hope the trend continues in 2012 :)

Good job! Great improvement for just three months! I had a dramatic drop in A1c when I started the pump, but it wasn't that good!

Sucks about the insurance though, sounds like a common issue (I spent a few hours on the phone with my insurance co. myself this morning). When you say they won't pay for "all of your pump supplies", do you mean they only pay for some supplies and not others, or not in the quantities you need, or won't cover it 100%? I'd advise you how to go about handling it, but I'm not sure what the situation is.

As far as adhesive goes, I'd used the good ol' waterproof first-aid tape from the pharmacy for awhile, but now I've moved on to the IV3000 and find I like it a lot better (though I did grow some yellow crusty stuff under it once after about 6 days... yuck!). I really believe that the better adhesives - the ones that cover the whole thing, help keep the CGM wire from moving around and help it last longer. That's been my experience, anyway, so you might find it worth it to buy IV3000 or Opsite Flexifix.

But spend the next few days celebrating (not with cake!) your dramatic improvement in numbers.... the insurance battles will still be there when you're ready to tackle them. :)

Chuck excellent news!!! So glad that your A1C is moving in the right direction!! You beat me.My 3mon post being granted the diabetic crown was 9.0 BUT now I am 6.6 at my 6month anniversary!! So keep up the great (hard) work. I have a great recipe for Diabetic cupcakes if you want to celebrate, have your cake and eat it too!