Something New!

So I went and got a cgms put on today. It's a loner from the dr. I think it's called an ipro? just like the medtronic cgms. I was kinda nervous at first about the insertion but it wasn't too bad. I did jump though b/c they put it on my lower back and I'm not used to shots or sets on that area. Not sure how I feel about this little machine's smaller then I thought it was going to be. I'm supposed to wear it for 5 days so I guess I'm stuck with it for now. :) Can't wait to see how my trends look on monday! :) Besides all that not much else going on...have an endo appt. in october..thats about it!

I had the medtronic IPro in June. Could only stand wearing it for 3 1/2 days but it gave some useful information. Problem was it was inserted on my stomach and I felt it the whole time it was there. The other problem was it was not "real time" so all it did was take readings every 5 minutes, but I could not track them and since I am extremely impatient overall it was not a satisfying experience. The information pretty much matched with my glucometer numbers and the one low I experienced while wearing it I actually woke and felt myself. Next month I am seeing my CDE at the clinic and she is getting a loaner Dexcom 7 which I am going to try. This one is real time and I will actually get to see the numbers come up. I think I will be happier with that. Since you use a pump already, I assume you are used to having something stuck to you 24/7 for me this was a first time experience and unless the Dexcom is much smaller and much less intrusive I don't think I will be getting in line to purchase one.

I hear the dexcom is a little smaller.. like I said above they placed it on my lower back and its a pretty good spot for it...they put that skin stuff overtop of it and I haven't had any problems so far..I slept great last night with it on..and so far it's been on for 2 days..The only thing I don't like is the skin stuff they put ontop cuz it feels like a huge bandage on me overall I like it though and sometimes I forget it's there :)

It will interesting for you to see the results. Being blind to readings makes it hard to remember what you were doing or how you were feeling at different readings and trends. Much better to see it real-time!

That's why they have you write down literally your life story while you are wearing it, everything you ate, everything you did, and they gave me a One Touch glucometer and 50 strips to use specifically while I was wearing the sensor. So they could download that as well.