Endo's for Type 1 in Western Massachusetts?


I previously made the commute to Boston (roughly 2 hrs one way) from the Amherst area of Massachusetts to go to the Boston Joslin Clinic. Life changes occured that make that drive harder, and I have been looking for a local endo. I just had an appointment with one on Thursday, and honestly got a fair amount of anxiety after it. I just got the feeling that they were not very familiar with treating type 1.

Has anyone had any luck with a good endo out in W. Mass? I would love one that incorporated life (outside of having type 1) into the care, and if I can be so picky, decent bedside manner (I know, I know, very rare).


Until you find a local one, have you checked to see if Boston Joslin is doing Telehealth appointments? Commuting isn’t a big concern these days. Everyone is making virtual appointments happen.

I haven’t actually been in my doctor’s physical presence since before Covid started. A fact I just love, because it’s a long drive for me too. She just sends labwork requests to the little “doc-in-a-box” clinic that is much closer to me than she is. I drive just a mile to the clinic for bloodwork, and they beam the results back to my doctor, without ever having to do the long commute.


Yeah, we did do telehealth visits during the first year of covid. I felt like a lot of my care slipped a lot, but maybe it would be worth revisiting that as an option. I need to find a local eye dr too, Joslin was an all in one, which was the benefit.

I have lived 16 miles North of Amherst, MA for the past 47 years and have never found a competent, reliable endo in this area. They are the nicest people in the world but don’t expect much knowledge or competence. I have therefore been treated at Joslin Boston as well for the past several decades. The only other option I could suggest is that if you could align your appointments at the same time as mine, I would be happy to give you a ride. If you want to explore that option, send me a PM

I have been very happy with Baystate Endocrinology in Springfield. It’s a bit of a trek but not as far as Boston.