Eversense CGM

Hi Folks, 01.03.2018 I’ll be having the Eversense implanted. Anyone have any experience?
Greetings from Haag, Bayern in Germany :de:


@Joker Hello! Have you had your procedure already? I don’t have any experience with this system but I would love to hear more about how it’s working for you!

I would also be very interested in hearing your experience. Perhaps you would not mind adding followups here with your experiences?

Will this be the Senseonics Eversense approved for 90 days or the XL version which is approved for 180 days?

Here in the US there was apparently some SNAFU with the FDA submission which appears to have delayed the approval however it is still expected to be approved within the next few months. But until the FDA approval actually comes through it can only be a guessing game as to when it might actually happen. AFAIK it is the 90 day version which was submitted for approval here in the US.

Sensor will be removed tomorrow. Medical still no covering costs. Pity. Software needs updating. Plenty of irrelevant alarms at night when you’re supposed to be resting. Plaster doesn’t hold the transmitter very well. Otherwise a good device that really helps one keep an eye on oneself.:+1::+1: