Everything that goes around comes around

Love taking black and white pictures well use too,this island/roundabout no idea which it is leads to Madeley or Coalbrookdale or

Ironbridge Town this was a very busy day in Ironbridge but as you can see not a soul in sight how often would this happen no cars no people not even a cat or a dog to be seen I am going to put my photo's of my walks in a book called A walk in the dark,referring to my bouts of depression heart failure and diabetes at least it will give me something to think about apart from myself

Another interesting photo! That is strange that there is no one in sight. We only have one roundabout in our city, that I know of. I find them handy. They are talking of constructing more of them here though. Good plan.

I still remember the photo that you posted way back, of a shoe sole/insert, lying on the ground. It made an impression on me for some reason. Probably because it was so basic yet unique. Made me think.

That is a Good idea for you to start a book with some of your photos from your outtings Hmm, I hadn’t thought of a book. My daughter also loves to take photos when she goes on her walks. She sends her favourite of the week to me to enjoy and comment on. :slight_smile:

This was her favourite taken last week. Not sure what type of bird it is though.

Good idea! I love that pic! But then again I’m one of a dying breed (atleast at my house) I LOVE black and white pictyres. Movies etc! I am a firm beliver in what goes around comes around1