This is my spot


Do you have a spot?


that is awesome!!! Add some coffee (or glass of wine) and a book and all is good. Thanks for sharing.


So serene…yes, add a glass of wine, and the ocean…and I’m right there.



This is a good spot! I don’t have the sea in my immediate vicinity, but occasionally I go and it’s a real treat.


listening to beethoven’s PASTORAL while walking & birds chirping



My place: cant beat an afternoon with Ben.



Bwahahaha! Way to go Ricky!!


The Isle of Skye…I’ve never been, but oh boy, would I ever love to!!



I’m lucky to have a “My Spot” in my backyard…


Karen–for some reason this image made me think of that tender moment in “The Birdcage” when Nathan Lane and Robin Williams are sitting at the bus stop in Florida, sweetly tender and attentive to each other as if they were the only two people in the world. Needless to say, I love Your Spot…


Judith in Portland what a blessing! beautiful! you should enjoy it in good health for many years to come! I don’t have a real garden… but I am surrounded by mountains and valleys, so I have adopted them a little bit!


Judith and Karen, I can’t open your images! Darn it!! Perhaps I’ll have better luck later!


Linda, I am not seeing images either. Must be something in the browser?


Still can’t see any images!


My front porch


In the summer my spot is on the deck in my backyard reading a book.


One of my spots… standing on my back porch enjoying my horses


I’ve wanted to do The Orkneys. @Linda_G for Summer Solstice!