Excercise? I don't like it . . . but I will dance!

I really hate exercizing and gyms? YUCK! But belly dancing is fun, exciting, and no impact. It is the nicest, most fun way to get exercise! I used to be a performer and teacher, then retired. I sat on my butt, got fat, got diabetes and then got told to exercize. Oh nooooooo. I ran acrossed some belly dance music on day and haven’t looked back. I love the control over my own body! I love forgetting about diabetes! I love the music! Okay, so I do have to drink water and make sure my BG doesn’t drop too low. If you hate gyms and exercize, then try belly dancing. This is the 2nd time it’s changed my life!

How did you learn? Are there videos or did you take a class? And can you recommend a starting point for those of us interested in beginning?

LOL! and teach me too! My hubby will thankyou when he comes back next time!

First, I really do know how to spell … . . . .
I took classes. Videos are okay, but to go and take from a teacher is the best! Ask a friend, check the ‘dance’ section of the Yellow Book and ask if you could just watch one class. I am going to try to get a class going here for Parks and Recreation, which is another avenue. It’s inexpensive. Studios can be expensive, so always ask if you could just watch one class. In my opinion, it’s the best way to exercise! Going out to a class, gets you away from everyday life and into fun, exotic belly dance! Any age, any size can do this! My sister did it to lose weight. She lost no weight for 3 months, but lost 3 inches in her waist! Belly dance builds muscle!

Oh! There was a class I was thinking about taking. I’m not the most skilled dancer, will I be ok?

You should ‘learn’ to be a skilled dancer in the class! While teaching years ago, mothers would bring young daughters in for class, sit and watch with such longing on their faces. I always asked “Would you like to take a class?” I mostly got “Oh I couldn’t. I’m clumsy and can’t dance! I’m too fat!” I answered them, “I will teach you to dance and you will lose weight and tone up your body!” I started another class for the moms!

marsha, dancing is a GREAT workout! i volunteer in a children’s program at my church and it involves lots of dancing and jumping. when we prepare for big events, i leave rehearsals feeling like i’ve had a great workout. even when preparing for our usual monthly program, i feel like i’ve gotten some exercise after 2 hours of non stop jumping, moving, and dancing. that also means that i have to carefully monitor my sugars. but the fun compensates for all that! and though i love jogging, dancing’s my cup of tea too.

Yes, we do have to check our BGs and drink LOTS of water! Dancing is fun, but we can’t forget to take care of ourselves too. When I teach belly dance, I am having such a great time, I can forget to drink water. Fortunately, I have a daughter who really cares about me and who says, “Mom don’t you think you should drink some water? RIGHT NOW!”

Sounds like a good idea! I get more exercise from dancing that anything else anyway. I love to dance too but really hate to exercise!

Doris Ann, I’m exactly the same! I hate sport, but I can dance for hours! I’ve found a ballroom dance class that I want to go to next year. They also do hip hop dance classes at the university gym, and I’d love to go but I’m scared that it might be full of talented young semi-professionals and I’d be the clumsy one at the back.

You know Megan,we egyptian are famous for belly dancing,we dance in parties,any occasions and it is funny and spirit lifting.Just watch egyptian movies…

I’ve never watched an Egyptian movie. What would you recommend? I love Bollywood movies. Are they similar?

No,black & white old egyptian movies have to introduce a belly dancing even if there is no occasion.The weddings have to hire a professional dancer,though hundred family girls are better dancing than her.I love egyptian weddings…