Exercising in the winter?

How do you manage to exercise in the winter when its close to zero degrees outside and very slippery? AND space is very limited!

any ideas?

ice skating

Yoga. All you need is a little floor space. it’s great for relaxation too.

Well I joined a gym, I find its hard to get motivated to do a lot if Im just at home while if I go to the gym I will do a full workout because Im already there.

Belive it or not I run in place in the house, walk all the around the house from room to room and even try my hand at fixing things that I usually have to tear down about 20 times before I get it right. Not to menchin running after my 14 monthold granddaughter (who along with her family and new sister due in April so were getting ready for my youngest to move out and turn her room into the babies room! YES BABIES B/C Amaries sister will have to live in there with her. ! tottler bed and 1 crib!

One of those mini-trampolines (AKA rebounder’s) are kind of nice. They are affordable, easily movable, small, easy on the joints, and actualy kind of fun. You can just run in place on them and get a great aerobic workout.

I started out with an exercise bike. I finally ran it completely through the odometer at 10,000 miles. In celebration, I went out and bought a manual treadmill. It has no motor. If it goes , I have to make it go . I have to put a lot more effort into it and I feel that I get better exercise that way . My trick to exercise is to put it right in the way. Then, it gets more use. I can hear it right now . It’s saying “use me, use me” . Do you hear it?

If it’s that cold you must have snow. Cross country skiing is one of the best whole body workouts around.

I do downhill skiing on the weekends. I teach children to ski at a small, family oriented mountain in NH and get free season passes for the whole family. I usually teach for 2-3 hours and spend another couple of hours skiing. It’s quite a work out!

I just recently bought a Wii. Playing Wii boxing for a couple hours a night is a good workout, LOL!!!

I have just started back on the Elliptical. Burns the calories but easy on the knees.

you could cross country ski or you could get a treadmill and run inside. Good luck

We have the dance mat for our ps2, it’s wonderful and fun exercise for those days you just don’t want to get outside.

I go to the college that is 3 miles from my house and use their gym. Anyone who lives in the county can use it for free, its so nice. DDR and mini trampolines are also nice. My brother and I went for a 6.5 mile bike ride in the snow today- just have to be a little more careful, like driving in it.

I feel exactly the same way. If you can get yourself to the gym or bundle up in layers upon layers, you will feel so much better for it. I’m usually prone to getting sick during the winter time but one of the best things for your health is exercising during the cold. I recently wrote a magazine article about winter fitness, and working out even when it’s freezing can be good for your respiratory system. I try to run 3 to 4 times a week but can’t endure the cold so I force myself to the gym and always feel wonderful after. Good luck!

I go for a long walk on my snow shoes in the morning with my two dogs. I don’t really need the snow shoes but it makes the walk more aerobic, and the metal grippy things on the snow shoes help me keep my balance.

If you’re a student, most schools have pretty extensive gyms you can use for free, or at least a track to walk on.

I belong to a YMCA - its way cheaper than all the other gyms around here. If you can’t afford a gym, other things I do to get exercise in the house are dance around to music or clean, as other people have mentioned. I also lift weights - I bought myself a pair, they were under $10. It’s not cardio, but if I lift consistently it’s enough to rev up my metabolism to make my blood sugars better and make me respond to insulin better.There also are some exercise videos that you can buy for under $20 or rent from the library.

I still do some walking outside when it is snowy and icey, as long as it’s not too slippery. I walk on the grass where the snow is less slippery than ice. The YMCA I go to is 1/2 mile away, so walking there is part of the slippery battle. Also, if it’s during daylight, sometimes I find a street with not too much traffic and walk down the plowed street, just being careful to watch for cars.

I live in the tundra (Okay not literally) but it’s sooo cold in Ottawa. I fell yesterday (slow motion) thanx to black ice. But I find it impossible to force myself to go to the gym, especially when I am warm and cozy inside. So now I decided to try something new…Dancing. I just put on some music and dance ( and you don’t have to worry…nobody is watching), I act silly and just be myself…btw you can invest in belly dancing videos etc. why not learn something new? Another thing I used to do was pop in a dvd of that one guy…red poofy hair? SHort shorts? Really jumpy? darn…i am forgetting his name…simmons? perhaps? but an hour of that was good enough for me…now i can barely do 30 mins (I am so out of shape ) sigh…oh and I am looking to buy a wii as well…I heard some games provide a great workout. :slight_smile:

the bf and i are investing in a wii, but some sort of black market for the wii has made them virtually impossible to find in the stores, so i broke down and got a gym membership

We just finished a 3-4 week cold snap of temperatures between -30 to -45 celcius, so even going to the local gym was not very appealing at all.

I have a “Workouts for Dummies” dvd that has a variety of 30 minute workouts that I can do in front of the tv with a yoga mat and a pair of 2lb hand wieghts. I also have fun doing a workout with the kid’s Dance, Dance Revolution video game.