It’s Cold Outside – Time To Take Your Exercise Routine Indoors

Even though the cold temperatures may be keeping many of us inside, there are plenty of ways to get in your exercise! Our latest blog post provides some handy indoor exercise tips that you can do almost anywhere.

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Laura K

We have free access ( well, we pay our taxes ) to a hockey rink here in town and this is the place Hubby and I get our walks in . We have added a walk after lunch as well , since the temps have dropped and wind chill factor bring them down to about -25 C .There is room for more walkers and runners :)

I like running outside but there's limits to the road/ sidewalk conditions that don't always work. I found this:

I think it works well, moving up from your lower abs to your higher ones, it doesn't take that long but it makes my abs burn!

Thanks so much for the tips nel and acidrock23! Both look like great ways to stay active during the cold weather!

Best, Laura K.