What do you do to stay in shape in the "off season"?

If you’re like me and the temperature is hanging out around -20 with the wind chill, then riding outside is pretty much out of the question. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t been doing much except taking the dog for extra walks. How about you what do you do to stay in shape this time of year? Ideas would be well received here. :slight_smile:

Since I started riding this year I do not have anything worked out, but I am planning on putting a stationary in front of my computer after Christmas and use that.

I have an indoor trainer that i throw my bike on. I listen to my ipod and watch a lot of television while I’m riding (DVR is great!)…but other than that and a little bit of swimming, I’m pretty much in hibernation mode until it gets warmer… :frowning:

I walk on my treadmill inside while watching TV. I go to the gym to work out and thats about the extent of winter for me~Merry Christmas Mike and to all of us~Sande

Spinervals on the trainer…boring, but effective. Here in the snow…XC ski too:)

I live in Rome, we don’t have a real cold season, sorry… ;-))

(Lemon trees are just flowershing on my balcony, just now, in winter!)

I have been doing a combination of running on my treadmill and riding on my stationary bike. I either run or ride for hour. I also have been doing the wii fit. I have been adding to the wii fit. Like a using free weight or the Danskin 3lb or 5lb ball. I hope to be doing some long runs in the CVNP staring at Lock 29 on Sat mornings. I am also going to pull out my xc skis. I like to skate but I hope I am in good enough shape to do that.

Temp here in Canadian numbers -10 C…pretty cold , believe me and icey to do outdoor training ( broke wrist in 3 places 2 years ago …fell in snow with Jak Tracks attached to my boots ) …I have been fortunate to train for my 1/2 marathon with Team Diabetes Canada at a ( indoor) hockey rink ( Salmon Arm , BC , Canada ) . I am very grateful , that this was available to me . Treadmill last year did NOT do it for me …I never got to the endurance training .At my last 20 KM training I went aroud 100 times ( 200 meters = once around ) The Disney World marathon took place 2 weeks ago …I loved the Vit. D. intake in Florida :slight_smile: …want more !!!

oh my, …I responded to the cyclists with diabetes …forgive ; I am a walker/and a bit of a runner . on the other hand: walking/running may be good cross training ???

No worries Nel!!! Glad to have you here as well!

I hear ya Mike! I definitely don’t spend as much time riding during the winter. With the short days and cold temps, I become a workaholic so it’s hard to squeeze in a ride on the trainer. However, I do set it up in from of the TV/stereo so I can watch movies or listen to music. I keep it set up and ready to ride so I don’t have that excuse.

Ride the trainer and do a lot of spinning and isolated leg training,read and listen to the ipod

Living on the front range of Colorado, there really isn’t an off season. There are just brief interruptions and you have to add layers to keep riding through most of the winter. I do have a trainer and rollers for those few days per year where conditions prevent me from riding outside.

I also downhill ski (a must if you live in Colorado) for strength training. I also XC ski to maintain cardio conditioning. And for a good combination of both strength & cardio, I like to snow shoe.