Is flu making more people like us because there is overlap of experience if lots of people have to concern themselves with how the medical system operates and innate risk of day to day life related to illness and unexpected obstacles?

Or, is it making us more different than other people and increasing the divides between experiences because most people don’t concern themselves with these things and we are even MORE preoccupied with these things than we usually are?

I have a sense that the experience of covid could make it even more difficult to relate to the Normals. I concerns me. I think I find them less and less relatable.

Like, last night, I went and did laundry.
Now, granted, it was A LOT of laundry.
Probably, 3 months worth of laundry. It was an event.
The fact that I own enough clothes to last 3 months would be absurd under normal circumstances. But, perhaps all women everywhere like to take credit now, as if its always been some sort of practical apocalypses strategy.

I was so exhausted, or out of shape, that I fell asleep holding a candy bar and the chocolate melted all over me - Brown smears all over my face were unappetizing, but delicious. I looked in the mirror and thought, “You are not like everyone else. You are worse.” I cursed covid for the fact that I had to do 3 months worth of laundry at one time in order to decrease exposure. I cursed diabetes for encouraging me to eat that candy bar that would inevitably result in more laundry.

mohe’s brain says: You are different than other people and you have to work harder than they do. You are in trouble. You can’t just walk casually into the laundry mat like other people.

But, then today I spoke with my buddy Rob on the phone. He was down. His brother in law is dying of cancer. Rob doesn’t deal well with loss, never has, because his parents died when he was very young. I exploited all of that information in order to get him to agree to allow me to register him for possible vaccination. I said, “Rob, do it for your sister. She can’t loose a husband and a brother now during covid. Its too much for her.” He agreed and allowed me to register him.

mohe’s brain said: Covid is putting us all on the same page because tragedy is more omnipresent for all of us. We can strike deals. It makes everyone closer to the issues that matter. Rob is more like me, now, because he is forced to consider issues of health for the greater good.