The Normals

I need to have a chat about the Normals. Something aint right, but I think I see trends. I call on all of you to have hard conversations with your Normys so they are emotionally prepared for what comes next.

I know that we are in a time of skepticism about the media. That might be well founded. I understand that sentiment. But, I feel like the majority of conversations I have had with people over previous 6 weeks have eventually turned to flu. There is definitely a disturbing trend.

Conversation #4 with Elderly, irritable, old Rob:

mohe: “I feel like you ought to give a key to this place to your sister…just in case.”

Rob: “I am NOT giving my sister a key to my apartment.” (raising his voice in a crecendo)

mohe: “She’s a Doctor, Rob. She may need to come check on you. What if something happens?”

Rob: “They are completely overreacting about this flu. I take the bus to work everyday. There’s no one on it. They should NOT have closed the bars. They are completely overreacting. I dont listen to new from white people anymore.” (yelling, now)

mohe: “I want your sisters phone number. You taking any medications?”

mohe: “You got your affairs in order, Rob? Does your sister know that you have pictures of your parents in here? Do your nieces?”

Rob: “I spoke to my niece TODAY.” (irritated by any unintentional implication by mohe that his family and their communications are anything but perfect.)

Later that day: mohe’s phone receives links to youTube history of pandemics vol 1. Later, volume 2. Later, some covid articles. Rob is clearly considering our conversation.

Mohe’s current conclusion about the state of the Normys:

After countless conversations like this, some of them lasting weeks, with countless individuals, I draw the following conclusion.

The normys don’t totally understand whats happening. I think they need us to talk them through what is happening. I think it takes a number of conversations, but that they trust us and will come around. I think there are a lot of barriers to people coming to terms with our current situation. Some things that I have noticed are:

1.) Normys are used to feeling in control of everything and are kinda unable to process the concept of their own mortality and effects of illness. I think this is because they lack fundamental experience with that stuff and they aren’t too blame. They genuinely dont understand.

2.) Some Normys DO understand the current threat. Some of them lived and worked in China for long periods and they have watched this go down previously. They might have been reading chinese newspapers for weeks ahead of press release in the US. Those normys have become paralyzed with fear. I have had any number of explosive, emotionally volatile conversations with these normys that are mostly just them venting. They tend to reach out to me, specifically. They tend to get really mad. But, I didn’t invent the flu and I can’t cure it. Its not my fault. I’m just a simple diabetic, caught in the crosshairs. Many of these normys are reaching out to caretake for in-laws and have some real serious troubles confronting them.

3.) Some normys believe what is happening, but are in complete emotional denial. They have been tough.

4.) The normy don’t understand the medical system. This is their greatest weakness, now.

5.) The normys seems to have questionable, less developed ideas about ethics in this situation. Expect to have to walk around in their thoughts to sort that out.

I’m finding them really hard to work with.
There’s a lot that gets lost in the culture gap.
Its hard to explain everything and there are so many of them!

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