Expiration Date

Taken from The DiabeticDuo

There have been many posts on emergency supplies this week. It got me to thinking, not really about having enough of back up (because I seriously have more than enough) but more about is it all still good? What’s the point of having items stocked up if they are getting ready to expire or have already done so? In December I checked all of our insulin expiration dates. As I stated in an earlier post, I brought a lot of insulin with me to New Zealand. I knew some would expire before we would ever use it, so we donated it to Diabetes Youth Auckland. I never thought, though, to check the other items. What about the Keytone strips? What about the Glucagon or emergency kit? Glucose Tablets? Marty’s inhaler? I never thought to go back and look those over until this morning.

Maybe it would be a good idea if we all took an inventory twice a year on the items we have to ensure that they aren’t getting ready to expire. I know some people haven’t had the luxury to stock up, but some of you have. If you have been fortunate enough and do have items that are going to expire, please make sure you donate them. Don’t let them go to waste. I am sure there is a family that is desperate for supplies. Call your Endo’s office or a local diabetes chapter. They will direct you as to whom can take them off your hands.

I probably should have been a bit clearer on this point…but I am not advocating sharing prescriptions. Please if you have supplies to donate, go through the proper channels. Call your doctor’s office or the local diabetes chapter, they will help you.