What to do with near expiration and expired Omnipods

I currently have 8 boxes of of 5 pack Omnipods that expire 6-4-23, and 10 boxes 5 pack that expire on 5-16-23 and 13 5 pack Omnipods that expired on 4-19-23. I also have numerous boxes that expired in November and December of 2022. I am not sure what to do with them. Do I just throw them away? Omnipod wont take them back and I so hate to just throw them in the trash. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

When we were super low income my clinic went in their storage closet and donated some to me. To the best of my knowledge, they worked just fine. You can ask your own medical team but they work just fine after the date.

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Use them!

If it does not work, you will know it. It won’t prime, or it won’t insert, or it won’t bolus.

They will either work, or not work. It won’t randomly give you the wrong amount of insulin just because it has expired.


I use my expired pods and as far as i can tell, there is no difference from the non expired pod.


I’ve used expired pods just fine. I know here our DE here keeps extra stuff on hand to hand out if someone needs it. My old endo used to have once a month meetings that everyone put extra stuff on a table in back for anyone to grab. FB has a couple of sites where people ask for things or give things away. You can collect on shipping. I think I remember they don’t want expired items offered though. passing it forward and T1D Rescue Warriors.

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@Steph3 If the pods are excess to your needs, I understand there are charities seeking diabetes supplies for Ukraine, poor and third world countries in need of medical supplies, w/T1 needs specifically mentioned. One such effort is the the Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition (Ukraine — Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition), but there are others. (I have not donated or used this org and can’t speak to worthiness, but its one of several that exist…)