Expired medtronic supplies

I have some expired infusion sets and sensors (Guardian 3) for Medtronic 770G.
Some are as old as 2020. Are they worth a try to use them? I would monitor carefully. Anyone have experience with expired?

Not telling you what to do, but provided the container is sealed and I am confident about the storage (not freezing insulin, for example) I use “expired” stuff all the time, including insulin, infusion sets, transmitters, and sensors!!

Not dead yet.

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How long “expired” have you used of sensors? I’m talking 2018-2021

I used sensors as much as a year out of date. Same thing with Dexcom transmitters.


The infusion sets should have no issues as far as I know. The only way to tell with the sensor is it to try them. I have used expired Dexcom sensors and they still worked in the past. I haven’t used expired ones recently.

I personally can’t think of a reason that infusion sets wouldo go bad. Maybe the adhesive would deteriorate? But that would become obvious as soon as you tried to use one. I’ve definitely used sets that are as much as 2 years past expiration date with no problem.

I don’t use a cgm, so I can’t speak to the issue of expired sensors.

I think they may treat the cannula with a substance that helps reduce infection risk. That might deteriorate.

That’s probably the reason for an expiration date. My Tandem trainer gave me some TruSteel sets from the trunk of her car. This is in Texas where it can get very hot. I had some issues with the pads not sticking well, but I just used a bandaid to secure them.