Extra time with the pod

I read all over the site about how some people don’t like the pod because you HAVE to take it off after wearing it for exactly 72 hours. So, I did a test. I was “supposed” to change my pod this AM at 8. I decided to wear it longer to see how the pod would react to wearing it longer. I just changed my pod at 330pm. 7 1/2 hours past when it “expired”. The only annoying thing was that it gave the “beep beep beep” every hour to remind me to change it. So, in case anyone is worried…if you happen to be somewhere you can’t change your pod (and you have enough insulin left) you can wait to change your pod!
Has anyone else worn it longer than the 72 hours? If so, did you have any problems? Thanks!

Yes…I’ve done this quite a few times…trying to get every last bit of insulin out of it…this is one of the reasons that I look back at the last 3 days insulin usage and add 5-10 units more the next time I fill a pod. So far so good!!..and No, no problems just the beeping.

Yes I do. If I have insulin left I go over till the reservoir is empty or 6 to 7 more hours, what ever comes first. I was told by a sales rep that the 72 hr is kind of a remainder, the pod will go 8 more hours if you have enough insulin. So I go beyond the 72 if my skin is not irritated as is getting lately. As well the beeping is a bit annoying but its a remainder that your pod should be replace soon.

Yep 72hrs+ 8 infact I just ran a pod out of insulin like 2 minutes before the 8hr limit deactivated itself1

I have left it longer if it is still comfortable but twice I have been left with small bruises and hard areas under the skin which makes me nervous to push it. I have had to replace the pod early a few times, wasting insulin, due to it slipping off, or the canula becoming bent and hurting me, so I like to stretch it out to average things out when I can.

All the time. It deactivates at 80 hours.

I’ve left the pod on a few times. I didn’t have any issues, but I don’t make it a habit

The extra time is great if you have to change a pod in the middle of the day due to a failure. I like to do my pod changes at night, so I stretch the time back out if I have been forced to make a change earlier in the day.

I left it on and ran it as long as I could (this was when I first switched over and I wasn’t quite sure on the insulin amount to place in the reservoir. I ran it nearly 13 hrs past the “expiration” time…it does beep every hour for the first 6 or 8 hrs, and then it starts beeping every 1/2 hour or every 15-20 minutes…it got a little bit annoying. Then at some point it just ‘dies’ and started constantly beeping the same way it does if you have a pod failure from an occlusion, etc…
So if you don’t have an opportunity to change it and have enough in the reservoir and don’t mind a few annoying reminders, you can run it past the expiration deadline.

I am not not sure how you got 13hrs extra mine deactivates @ 72hrs + 8 for total of 80hrs no matter what and my trainer told me theres no way to extend longer then the extra 8hrs it gives you to change it out. So whats your secret? I would like to get as much as I can from it! thanks

I’m with you… I ALWAYS go the full 80 hours. I can even sleep through the hourly beeps. Sometimes I’m so weird that when I see that I have insulin remaining in the pod and my 80 hours is going to happen in 10 minutes… I’ll bolus and then splurge by eating something with high carbs (sweets) just so I can use up some the insulin. My little way to curb wasting money! ;-)~