Expired pods?

Someone from my church gave me a bag of expired pods - 7 boxes of them. Some expired last month, some a couple of months ago. Either way I’m not comfortable using them - if anything went wrong I doubt Omnipod would be very helpful. But I can’t bring myself to throw them out - they’ve been sitting next to my trash can in a bag for a week or so - any ideas what I should do with them? Anyone want a box to play with? : )

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OMG!!! 7 boxes of pods!!! If you’re not going to use them, I WILL!!! Omg. that’s like… $2,100 of pods. i would totally use them if i were you. If they don’t “work”… then don’t use them. But it’s worth a shot. And i really don’t see what could go wrong if they’re a bit expired.

Honestly… I didn’t even know there were expiration dates. Now I know.

I’ll pay for shipping if you don’t want them!!!

I would use them in a minute! I’m sure they still work.

I was actually told by my CDE that people are allowed to give pods away, since they don’t require a prescription. Is that not true? I thought anyone could buy pods if they wanted to - we just go through the hoops for insurance, and of course need a prescription for the insulin that goes in them. If that’s not correct, I will gladly revoke the offer to give them away.

I agree with everyone else, Natasha. I would try one and if your son’s #’ are high (he is adorable, btw,) remove it, extract what insulin you can and start with one you already have. It can’t hurt, just watch his #'s for the first few hours.
How did your friend come to have the pods? It’s a shame to think of needed supplies going to waste. I have Lantus pens that I wish someone could use.

Me too, I will take some of those pods no matter if expired, I wll pay for shipping, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

So what makes a pod expired? I’m guessing it’s just the expected battery life? If so, then I would imagine that if the pod primed okay that the battery is still good enough to use for three days.

I’m sure that, like most medical products, the expiration is VERY conservative. I wouldn’t have a problem trying one for up to a year after expiration. If it beeps when it loads, you should be fine. Really, the only thing that could go wrong is the batteries giving out. If it’s not clicking, it’s not pumping. You should be able to tell easily if there is a problem. I’d use 'em in a heartbeat.