Free Omnipods (about to expire) for someone in need

I have about 24 pods we need to ship before they expire next week. I am not sure if the pods can be used past next week (we are a “pumping” family) but if you no of someone down on their luck who could use them please email me at

I am not sure if the pods truly have any parts that expire so if anyone knows, please tell me and I will jsut toss them out.


Just to let you know I have found a great “home” for the Ominpods so they are no longer available. Hope you all enjoy your pod experience. I have to admit (we are family that pumps) it was my first time ever actually seeing a Pod and I was in awe of how self-contained they are!

Thanks for all who expressed support and interest… Lahle

Dang it =[ I wanted themmm