EZ Manager Windows 7

I have been using EZ Manager with my Animas 2020 and Bayer Contour with my Windows XP desktop for some time. However my Windows XP Desktop seems to be slowly dying and I wanted to replace it with a new desktop with Windows 7 as the initial install. Animas/EZManager states that they are not certified for Windows 7. I asked them specifically if the upgraded editions of Windows 7 including Professional and Ultima which are supposed to include a Windows XP Mode will function. Animas/EZ Manager could not or would not respond to this question. Has anybody else had Windows 7 experience?

Hi, I got no experience, but “heard” that there is a feature in windows 7 that allows running programs in XP mode.
I just bought a new desktop with win7 64 bit. I will have him next week… so, will be able to tell you more in about two weeks.
But I guess software will have to follow… I intend to keep my old desktop running in parallel… just in case…

Thanks, sounds like we are in the same situation.

There is a way to run Windows XP in Windows 7 ULTIMATE edition … I do it myself …

Follow this guide Windows XP in Windows 7 Ultimate

EZ managerMax, the version that cae out with the ping is a java program, so unless Microsoft really screwed it up, it should run, as java is a run anyware programing language

I just got my new Animas Ping (to replace my old 1250) the day before Thanksgiving. Played around wit it detached for a day to be sure I understood it, then hooked it up in time for the yearly challenge: Thanksgiving dinner. No problem.
Back to the subject, I found that my newly installed Windows 7 didn’t seem to agree with EXZManager for some reason. First time it crashed the system and I had to get it going again. Oh well. After that I found I could run the program but not get the pump or glucose meter to read into the computer. Tried going in WinXP compatibility mode, no difference.
Then I tried putting the old IR device back to the old fashioned serial port back on, and it would read the pump fine. STILL couldn’t use the new IR device on through the USB port, which was totally ignored as before.
Called Animas and was told that Widows 7 will require them to change the program so it would work, but he agreed with me that the problem is in the PL 2303 driver code that makes IR devices usable. So I looked up the Prolific website where it is supported. Found they have a new driver there that is meant to correct the problem with Windows 7. Downloaded it and installed it, and now EZ Manager works to read the pump through the new cable, at least.
The driver can be downloaded from:


It still won’t read my old UltraMini meter through the other USB cable I had for that, but that’s purely academic anyway. I even got the Ping glucose meter to copy it’s records over, which is also academic since the insulin pump already did that anyway. If I need to use the older meters to fill in for some reason I guess I can always enter them by hand, since it wouldn’t be many readings anyway. Not sure if the pump will store bg readings entered by hand or not. If so it won’t even need to be entered manually as just mentioned.

You can run a dual boot system till the drivers mature. One last thing, have you saved your data and done a clean xp install???

No, it isn’t a problem now, the new driver has all the necessary functionality I need. I always have my computer on dual boot, 1 Window and 1 Linux but I don’t have my XP disk anymore since it went with the computer I had been running on it.