Fake version of Shepherd's Pie

Okay, so I am going to attempt making a diabetic friendly (and healthier) version of Shepherd’s Pie…

Instead of Mashed Potatoes… Mashed Cauliflower
Instead of Peas (I hate Peas)… Edemame
Adding Mushrooms for a layer…

Any suggestions for the meat??? If I were to make this a vegetarian or vegan friendly??? I would typically say automatically, just to do ground turkey, chicken, bison, or ostrich for substitute…

What do you guys think of ground salmon as an option?

I’m just throwing ideas out there… Let me know what you think…

I hate salmon :confused: which is odd b/c my mom, dad and brother love it. I think the ground turkey or chicken would taste good for sure. I love cauliflower mashed potatoes but then again, I love cauliflower! The mushrooms would add a nice touch … what about zucchini and yellow squash? Hope it all turns out well girl! Let me know how it taste :slight_smile:

eggplant for the vegetarian side or maybe tofu. All of Amber’s stuff sounds good too.

Id go pork / turkey or prok / lamb, but Im a meat eater. =^) Mince pies like that usually have a stronger flavor and require stronger meats to work well.

I am very picky about Salmon filets… I had ground salmon as a burger the other day and it was spectacular! But if you seriously hate salmon then, maybe even ground up isn’t for you! LOL… But thanks for the suggestions! Can’t believe I forgot about the squashes!!! LOL

Good call on the eggplant… I had thought about tofu, but isn’t tofu a bit high in fat content?

That I think depends on what your shooting for. I eat low carb and thus need fats in my diet (essentially replacing carbs with fats). However, Some folks go low fat / med carbs. I think tofu is pretty good at 5g total fat per serving. Thats just googling though.

You know what’s funny … I was talking to my mom tonight and she was telling me that she cooked salmon patties for us as kids. She told me I use to love salmon, I don’t really remember how it taste but I would give the salmon burger a try :slight_smile: Sometimes things have a way of surprising us. The eggplant sounds like a great idea, good call onesaint!

LOL… Yes it is strange how things register differently with us as we get older and just view various foods in general.