FASHION for pumpers - dresses and swim suits for all!

I'm sick of belts, clips, bulky attachments, and irritation from my pump rubbing against my skin in the summer months. I need pockets. I LOVE dresses, and I'd like to have a nice beach vacation without constantly disconnecting my Minimed pump and worrying how long I've gone, what my BG is, etc. I'm on a search for good clothing and I think we should share our finds!

Board shorts - these are lined and don't have to be worn with a separate bottoms. They have pockets for your pump! With neutral colors (black and navy), you could combine them with probably any top. Lands End Board Shorts
Mine will arrive in the mail shortly. I'll let you know how they work out!

Dresses with pockets - I cut a hole in the bottom of the pockets (and lining of dress, if necessary) and feed the tubing through, reconnecting under the dress. Occasionally, I've had pockets sewn in. The key is accessibility! I'm on a CGM and if it's beeping while I'm at work, I don't want to run out of the room to undress - I need it right there in my pocket. I love J. Crew dresses, and have found some cheaper options at H&M (though nothing currently online - check in store). Here are some recent finds:

What's your favorite pump-friendly outfit? Please post!

I like cutting holes in my pockets like you said :) I bought a couple of pairs of cargo shorts recently and cut holes in the "cargo" pockets so I can keep my pump in there and feed the tubing through. I love putting those shorts on because otherwise I end up clipping my pump to my waistband and my shirts never sit right! I hate having my shirt stretched out in whatever spot I decide to clip my pump! Drives me crazy. Anytime I can find a way to get that baby off my waist, I'm happy :)

I like this post! I will be keeping an eye on it, I've only been on the pump about 3 weeks and I got myself a ping thinking I would like to wear it hidden, but with summer here I don't have lot of places to hide it lol

Thank you so much for this post!! I am always telling people that, with a little creativity, you can wear anything you want with an insulin pump.

I love summer dresses so during the summer I just detach my pump from the belt clip, put my pump itself in a baby sock, and stick it down the middle of my bra. If I'm wearing something low cut, I can usually find a place to safety-pin the baby sock (with pump inside) to.

I also tend to cut small holes in pockets and thread the tubing through that. I just find that it makes the pump less noticeable and easier to stash.

And dresses with pockets rock. I got one from Anne Taylor a couple of years ago. It's a fitted sleeveless dress with a big concealed pocket in the front. I just cut a small hole in the pocket and stick my pump in there. Not even noticeable!

So, all these holes that people cut into pockets. Do you sew around them? Do they enlarge over time, with wear and washing/drying?
I have always wondered because I keep 'stuff' in my pockets, including lipstick and change. Don't carry a purse most of the time.
I am guessing that women who wear dresses always carry a purse. But what about the cargo pants. Same there?
And the baby sock cover. Then you have to remove the sock to view the screen, push the buttons, etc. Seems like a good idea but it doesn't save time in accessing the pump.
These are just questions that roam through my mind and no one has to answer!! And please don't be offended that I asked!

1. The first time I cut a hole I had my friend sew around it like a button hole but after that Ive just been cutting them. So far no problems but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. I would recommend sewing around it if you have the option.

2. I don't carry a purse...everything goes in my pockets :) When I cut holes I usually cut them at the top of the pocket and keep my pump sitting upright so the tubing comes out the top. This way nothing is falling out the bottom of my pocket. So I guess technically I'm cutting the hole in the pants/shorts themselves and not really the pocket. It's just covered by the pocket. Make any sense?

3. Not sure what kind of pump you use, but I have the Ping which has the meter that acts as the remote. So when I have to wear my pump in an inconvenient place I use the remote instead of trying to pull the pump out of wherever it is :)

Hope that answers your questions :)

I make a hole that is just large enough so that the tubing can get through, but not so large that normal-sized items fall through. Thus far, none of the holes have enlarged.

The baby sock trick is one I use when sticking my pump down the front of my bra. I wear little cami-style bras (i.e., not the regular kind), and given the way I'm, um, built, I have a nice little natural pocket in the middle. I put the pump in the baby sock because it gets all sweaty and slippery otherwise. To remove the pump requires no more effort than if I was removing it from my bra without the sock. Sure, it looks a little odd fishing down in your bra to do something with your pump, but I see girls stash cell phones down there all the time, so that's probably why I rarely get any weird looks.

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