Fasting bg numbers

Hey guys, I’m curious as to what different people are doing to keep a tighter control of their fasting BG #'s in the morning. I’m trying to keep better control of my numbers and no matter what I do, I am ranging from a 94 on a good day to 133. I have tried eating less, eating more, exercising before breakfast, not exercising before breakfast, but I can’t seem to get a tighter control on those numbers. Any suggestions from you guys?

Hi - I am on insulin so I don’t know how relevant this is to you. I know that insulin lasts about 5 hours in my system, so I set my alarm clock to wake up and check my BG 5 hours after my last shot of quick-acting insulin. I then give a correction if necessary. This way I almost always wake up between 4.5 and 5.5 (81-99). I don’t have much of a DP.

A basal might help if your numbers keep going higher despite everything that you’re doing?

Thanks, but for me, I am not taking insuling. The only meds that I’m on is metformin 500mg twice a day. So I’m limited on meds.

I’ve tried going as high as 98 carb for dinner to going as low as 45 and remain with in that range. I will try lowering the amount of carbs by half and see what happens. Thanks.

But at the same time, I find that I am running towards the low side the rest of the day. I usually eat a snack with about 10-15g of carbs a couple of hours after breakfast, which is usually 45-60g. And usually by lunch time, I am running a GB level of 70-90. Same thing for the afternoon snack and am running similar numbers for dinner.

When I had DP all the time, I would 1) walk in the morning and 2) started eating Egg Beaters a lot. Pretty much most of the time. I do ok w/ weighed servings of some cereals (Special K works pretty smoothly…) but I probably stick w/ scrambled egg beaters w/ some fresh salsa stuff I get @ the deli and jazz up w/ some roasted jalapenos and maybe a 12G piece of toast if my BG is towards the lower end of OK, which is what I’m aiming for.

I had a wierd night last night [omits long, insulin-fueled saga…] and just had eggs this AM, although they were perhaps a bit tastier w/ a bit of leftover filet and chives. I just skipped the toast and the insulin and the corrections I’d done on the high worked adequately to cover the eggs and meat.

Ok, I mean low bg levels, energywise, I’m fine. Usually my BG levels 2 hours after a mean range anywhere from 97 - the mid 130’s. Once a few days ago I had a bg level of 140 two hours after. Well, I’ll check them anywhere between 1 1/2 to 2 hours after.

I have been fighting DP for 4 years. What I find that works as others have said is a pretty low carb diet. I usually eat no more than 15 carbs per meal , usually less unless I am going to exercise and then I eat about 25 carbs. I also found I try not to eat after 8:30 or so otherwise my bgs will be over 100 in the morning. Also I have found a glass of red wine works. I had to increase my metormin to the maximum before my bgs fell below 100. I now take 3 doses of 850 a day.