Favorite snack food

my favorite snack food is YOGURT

every day for breakfast ...sometimes higher fat( 6 percent ) , sometimes lower fat content

I like greek yougurt. Starting to get into sunflower seeds, too.

Mmmmm, yes! Life without yogurt is just not possible. I like greek yogurt too.

I love yogurt, too. For breakfast, I eat it on top of cottage cheese with strawberries and blackberries. Sometimes with a rice cake spread with a nut butter ( peanut or sunflower or almond.)I have eaten and loved yogurt since I was a child ( way before D) when the only flavor was prune whip. I also like the Greek yogurt. I agree, Pastelpainter, life without yogurt is just not possible.

A slight variation -- I use DanActive, a yogurt drink, as a snack and for lows (14 g carbs). It tastes good, too.

i use STONY FIELD 0% VANILLA & for lows i use flavored with a higher carb than vanilla ( when home of course).I JUST LOVE YOGURT...& CHEESE.

Ice Cream would do it for me...surprisingly it doesn't affect my BS numbers that bad either.